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25 March 2014


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As a New Yorker, I don't really like visiting cities on my vacation. So it took me completely by surprise when I visited Rome (under protest) a few years ago. I fell in deep, deep love. I cannot wait to go back in May! And I am hoping to do just what you did...walk and walk and walk. (I want your shoes, btw)

Great sign in your last picture....good advice!

Ahhh to be lost in Rome. I do remember doing just that. I think your walk sounds just wonderful, we didn't stop for chocolate, but pizza and a salad was on our agenda. We were heading for St.Peter's and did finally make it.

I am so jealous!!! I am dying to go to Rome. I want to take my artist daughter and do exactly what you did - definitely including the frequent chocolate breaks!

I must admit, Roma is my addiction! I have been to the 'Eternal City' at least 10 times, and I am always ready to get back there as fast as I can. So happy that you love it too! Was there this past October/November and planning to be there again this June. And the hot chocolate is to die for! I so remember the very first one I had. Unforgettable!!!

Ya'll can have Paris. I'll take Rome ... every time.

Corey, another thing we have in common...I love Italy! I love to eat! especially chocolate.

1) I'm very jealous, I love Rome!
2) where did you get your shoes?! They are so nice!

I too love Rome, and that's exactly what we did - Walk, walk, walk, eat, walk, walk, eat and repeat! I can't wait to go back! xxoo

May I add: "with a French husband that loves chocolate" loL
and I see something new, no beard…..lol…….fun to be over there, to go to other countries so easily…..here we go across the state line, but not other fabulous countries when we want…..sounds fab ! xo

My husband took me to Italy for my 50th...our first trip to an European country. We were in 7th heaven walking around Rome! We would love to return one day.

Corey, if you have not seen the film "The Great Beauty," I cannot recommend it enough. It won best foreign film this year and is entirely set in Rome. Here's the trailer:


Fried zucchini mozzarella panini -- did you snap a picture of it, for another day's post? I'd love to see it, to figure out how to make it. Sounds scrumptious!

Those Romans built roads which still stand extending through Europe. Doubtfully without hot chocolate to charge them. Thanks for taking us along yours. Awaiting more happy trails...

I visited Rome only for one day, and it was by car - a nightmare to drive around! Will have to go back.

You two are the most fun!!!ok I'm thinking of a trip! Fly in to Paris, fast train to Marseilles, visit your village and Annie (so I can visualize you in your world) then off we go to Italy!!! Yann guiding us, as we beg for brocante stops....chocolate, history, ruins, pasta, beauty....ahhhh....

We spent a week in Rome 30 years ago! Camped outside the city...Camping Fabulous,,,every day we would take the bus....the short underground...another bus and finally arrive at the USO Ouse children were 4,6,and 8 at the time and we were traveling with my in-laws. Quite a different scenario, but same results! Walking, beauty overload, more walking and getting lost every single day. But lost in Rome is thrilling. We even ended up in a parade! Rome is not to be missed. How great foul I am to have those memories. We were at John Paul I last audience! Wow

YOu are so LUCKY to spend so much time with FH.Do you know that??
My husband grew up in ROME!Somehow, when you two come back HOME to CALIFORNIA we need to get you here so you can meet MY ITALIAN HUSBAND!
HE COOKS!!!!!!!!!!

I was very interested in the article, it's quite inspiring I should admit. I like visiting you site since I always come across interesting articles like this one.Great Job, I greatly appreciate that.Do Keep sharing! Regards

Oh deary . . . thank you for stirring up my memories of my walking in Rome . . . I am smiling, some tears, and left with a sparkle in my day . . . FH had a grand idea . . .

I was in Roma last April for four days...dying to go back! I think we walked many miles as well! No hot chocolate but many cappuccino!

There's even a Roman road in Provence near where Corey and Yann live! Saw it, thought about Caesar's army building it, traipsing through those woods (thanks to my high school Latin teachers).

Guess I should've written something like "Veni, Vidi, Fotografi!"

Thank you for this post, Corey. I love, love, love Rome. Walking and stopping...the best. :)

oh dear..... there IS something going on here.... Last week I had this long conversation about Italy and the Italian language! I said IF I could live in Italy I would pack my suitcases in 3' flat and be on my way - I LOVE the Italian language and guess what: This week I FINALLY started a book I bought some two years ago in England: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and the first part is mostly about ITALY and Rome..... LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT (except the politics but then I don't really care for the French one 'non plus'....) - Read the book, take the trip, eat, pray and love :)

I adore Rome. I would go every weekend if I could! Lovely Post, Corey.

We pine for Paris. The French pine for Rome. Your photo of the Ponte Sant’Angelo is beautiful. I'm glad you didn't obey.

I adore setting off in Rome, with no direction in mind, letting my feet find their own path. Free to explore the past, meeting myself wherever I go.

I've always thought that to get to know a place you have to walk around....no matter how big the place is, walking is the best way to appreciate every corner. Too bad you were so close and we didn't met....

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