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27 April 2014


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Sharon Kasner

My husband is a teddy bear guy also. He buys me the cutest little bears. I love them because I love him.

nancy w

Oh how delightful this place must be! I am with Yann on this one.


They are all adorable. Thanks for the wonderful pictures.


even before I finished the reading of the post I said to myself no way tango look at his eyes wide in excitement not seduction-I think it is a conga line broken apart and they need to "rejoin" the others-am I crazy-Yeah I guess I am but to quote Fleetwood Mac "...That's nothing that I didn't know..."


This was fun Corey . . . I fun visit I am sure. I have a few old teddy bears belonging to family members. A favorite uncle of my children showered my daughter with Stieff animals and a bear too. Unfortunately she removed all the gold tags in the ears because as she, said, "I don't like them." Reduced the value considerably but her love remained and was plenty . . .


There is nothing sweeter than a man who loves stuffed animals. Must be how you ended up with a great husband. Those teddy bears look well loved.


It never stops! You could write a children's or even an adult novel about this.


I don't blame Yann, they are very cute.
I especially like the blue one!

24/7 in France

Cute with a capital C!

Brenda, Walker, LA

I'm with you guys! Love old time warn,well loved, soft and dilapidated bears, bunny and a puppy or kitten....it has to share the same length of endurance and loved on charm....I have baskets of them....I weed them out every now and then and make a display of them in Kindred Hearts Antiques and Gifts. But some I will cherish forever. I wonder if when I am older, if I should donate them to a great place like this one you have photographed...{?}

Brenda, Walker, LA

Ah! An inspiration! Just broke a flow blue saucer last week, I was so mad...I'm going to get those pieces out of the rubble and display them like that little bear who broke his plate and lost his croisant! ha! Thank you! Hugs


Ohhh, I love the first bear in shoes. Well loved and made to resemble the child who befriended it. When I used to travel to Frankfurt, there was a store that carried hundreds of Steiff bears in all sizes. It was so relaxing to look at each one and admire the beautiful care it took to bring it to life. Thank you for telling their stories...delightful to read today.


There's a lot of love in those teddy bear eyes! This looks like a fun museum to discover! Sending you teddy bear hugs from PA!

William Kendall

Entirely too cute!

I came over from a link at Merisi's page.


I would want to rescue the bear with the broken china too.

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