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28 April 2014


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Liese Lotte

They do look mouthwatering, those Palatschinken ! It will be hard to top Merisi´s cooking, by the look of it .


Yum. She makes these at home? That's amazing. Enjoy your visit.


What a wonderful visit!


Friendship and crepes with apricot jam, what could be better. Pure heaven!


WOW, love to learn how to make this crepe…..WOW


So happy you are having a wonderful time:)


Isn't it wonderful to have breakfast in a good friend's kitchen? And when you are treated to crepes such as those, it just doesn't get much better! How delicious looking!


What a lovely description!


Oh that looks so good!!

I love how palatschinke, or palačinky, are just slightly tweaked crepes -- just a tiny bit thicker, a teensy bit eggier - for a very different pancake experience.

You should go to Staud's while you are in Vienna for the best jams and marmalades -- the blood orange with punch is amazing, as is the plum with Jamaica rhum.


Amazing that you got to stay with Merisi. How wonderful that you met. I have been following Merisi's blog for a long time, just love it. You have friendship, food and fun .


I had them once....in a pastry shop in a little village in Austria...soooo good!

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