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08 June 2014


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My daughter is coming home in a month, after spending her junior year of high school in France! I just finished talking to her on skype and there were french words interspersed with her english! We have been so happy that she has had this experience.

Corey, don't you find that many of these observations apply equally to the Azores and the Portuguese language (except for papo secos instead of baguettes)? And I never tire of being kissed by charming gentlemen with debonair accents :-)))

#18 seems to be true in both countries. Just ask my kid errr the dog. Ooh la la!!

So true - France is soaked into one's being, consciously and subconsciously - c'est la vie!

I can only fully underline your 20 rules about the French way , even without being American. French wines & French kisses, spread out evenly during a day, is what make life worth living - and these are definitely being practised in the best way EN FRANCE - to my experience ( only when I have French friends or family staying here in Austria,they bring these customs with them )! The saying "VIVRE COMME DIEU EN FRANCE - Leben wie Gott in Frankreich" is not a German joke - it´s accurate !

Haha..lovely! Well I guess you can hug and kiss them together. That would be the best way to welcome them in a more passionate way ;)
Between, an American remains an American, wherever and whenever he goes!

You are approaching the definition of the expression "je ne sais quoi".

Eh voila!

A wonderful post, thanks Lyn

OOOHHH LA........LA!
YOU lucky girl YOU!

Thank you for writing a wonderful post today! I am so homesick for France, even though I have never lived there! What is it about France? I cannot explain it in words, just the lump in my throat, the thoughts in my head and the longing in my heart.

Thank you, Corey, for a wonderful post today. So much in those words explains why there are, for me, gaps in the ease of being around many Americans....thanks.....perhaps a card printed with the list would go a long way in giving some folks an idea about what they might do to make their "footprint" a bit more tolerable.
Each day begins with a reading of your stories, your beautiful photos and your heart...thank you for that gift; it is a treasure.

A perfect post for me today. You've posted the essence of what I love about France and the French. I actually do live in France, IN MY HEAD!! I am wrestling with the decision about whether or not to visit France as originally planned for my 70th and my husband's 65th birthday. Fares have become outrageous! But as I read your post I started to think we must bite the bullet and find a way!! In the meantime I'll work on my pursing of lips and puffing and blowing of air. I just need to know the secret to wearing high heels without breaking an ankle on those wonderful cobblestones.

How I would love to be immersed in this Frenchness! And also be able to wear those high heels.

Would you tell us what it is that makes you able to spot another American 10 miles away? Is it the clothing? What can an American do to avoid being spotted? I would love to know this in case I ever get there. I'm talking visuals not speaking, obviously.

When I go, you will spot me TWENTY miles away, I will be curiously gazing at everything! :o)


Lovely, lovely reasons if miss living in France. La vie est belle!

I love this list, thank you! Many of them are things that I find myself wondering...Years ago you posted a scarf tutorial and I still use and love it. Merci :)

So true, I spent months trying to find a radish that tasted like the ones I ate in Pontoise. I know deep down I was French in another life . . . La vie est très belle.

And when "you will be asked, "What is it about the French?" And if you are like me you will smile knowing deep down inside" and you will "puff your lips, and blow air out in the most convincing way", because LUCKY YOU, you just know.

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