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10 June 2014


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wow that carafe went fast, ha ha ha…..roses in the cheeks, hee hee

Those are all such beautiful sounds of your day. I listen to each day the same way. Enjoying life this way is such a treasure and memorable. Need to slow down and take it in.

Wonderful sounds! This afternoon along with the song birds, there was the sound of a crow cawing and looking at the shed and the dog barking furiously and also looking towards the shed. Neighbor had three chickens go AWOL earlier. We found two of them. The third one? she decided hiding between the shed and fence was a good idea. The neighbor came by, picked up the chicken and put her back in her coop. Now all is calm, with twittering birdies, bumblebees buzzing and dog fascinated with her soccer ball.

Wow, girl, you never disappoint. Another day, another lesson. Consider yourself hugged! Xo

Your Central Valley upbringing wasn't good training for this weather? LOL! (Just got an email from a friend in Sacto., who reports 106°F there -- whew!). I remember how beastly sweltering it'd be as a child, riding up/down Highway 99 on summer vacation back before cars were air-conditioned. Hope some nice ocean breezes make their way inland to you, or that you get the chance to go soak some up in Cassis.

Hugs to Annie. Hope she's able to keep cool while she heals.

I will re-read, slow down, live.

Oh, I remember les cigales....I bought 3 of them, each different, one every time I was there, then my husband begged me to stop (along with the tableclothes, the perfumed soaps, the lavander bags, ect)

You doNOT drive............how did you drive to see ANNIE?
I was thinking about her recently..........how is she doing?OH, I get it now she is in a home not her home a bit farther away from you?And of course, someone was driving you.Is that it?
Cheryl is coming over today for lunch......bet you conversation turns to you and your beautiful blog!

Hi Contessa and Cheryl!!
I did drive. The place where Annie is staying is ten minutes away by car do-able distance, but not five minutes more.


I want to come and live with you!

beautiful post, especially the last line! The dog announces my husband coming home long before I have time to feel it! She starts the whine. :-)

I exhale reading this post. Can imagine the air.

Oh, Corey, the third to last paragraph with the solace of your day, it just hit me at a time when I needed it. You have such a soulful, spiritual way with words.

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