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24 July 2014


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Tara Dillard

At age 44 my 22 year old marmalade cat passed away.

Never tire of seeing marmalade cats. Ever.

Thank you for the glimpse.

One never knows the depths of what they post.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


That's one agile cat! How does h/she stay on the back of that chair????

Leigh NZ

Don't tell me you have acquired an orange kitty!! I've always had long haired gingers, they are quite different...my last boy was Axel Rose. Very cute pics.

Shelley Noble

Surely this sweet lone marmalade kitty with the comedic personality will chip away a small place in your cat-hating? He is as pale and lovely as... the stones and flowers he is surrounded with. Nice photo effect choice!


Cute! Is this the neighbors cat?


Love the gymnastic yellow cat . . .
Great on the balance beam . . .


Orange cats rule! I haven't heard them called marmalade before. I have an orange kitty that is 18 going on 19, named Scarlet. And she is a talker, been with me since she was about 2 months old.

Corey, I love these pictures.

La Contessa


Kathie B

Oooh, precious! Cats are so talented at balancing, aren't they? I still miss our many kitties from over the decades something awful.


He's gorgeous!! Does he need a new home???


Uh, oh…is this Stinky Cat's baby? ADORABLE!!!


Something about cats just makes me happy.

Cheryl in Wisconsin

What an adorable and talented cat.

Linda P.

What a cute cat.

Julia - Vintage with Laces

You always get me with cats :). What a cutie!

Franca Bollo


Franca Bollo

I like you even more. ;)

Shannon Marie

Is this Your kittie?! Cutie pie!!

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