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22 July 2014


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Valerie Spanswick

Holy &$@#!!! That looks scary, but beautiful.


I don't like heights, so I'd have to take a pass on this activity. Could always go to the brocante instead...


So funny! Daughters are trustworthy. Husbands...they indulge in wishful thinking. Probably doesn't much matter if you understand that he is saying "canyoning" or "canoeing"; the lesson here is to remind him who he's talking to. I have to sprinkle some reality on my enthusiastic husband when he tries to get me to do something like astronomy in the freezing cold outdoors. "You do realize that I may start to whine at some point....early on?" That usually results in a disinvite.

Diane Belforte Lewis

Oh Corey, you had me laughing! Too scary for me, glad you made the right decision.


I went out on a limb and did a rope rescue course for my volunteer fire dept. I was afraid that I would not be able to do it. But I did. I was afraid the first time and then it was easier. Afterwards, I wanted to do something more like what you show in the pictures.
Your husband is truthful. It is easy and safe. But I understand fear - fear is hard.

Merisi in Vienna

Holly Scentilla! Worse than a pie contest.


Looks like fun, but think I would pass too.
Glad they are safe and had fun.


Oh Corey.....I know how you feel. My daughter and two nieces from your neck of the Californina woods are in France for the summer to learn French. On the weekends the school takes them around for various "fun" activities! One of which was canyoning!!! They had a great time, but I was so worried the whole time, as a couple of summers ago some people died here in Switzerland doing it......
All went well however and they had a great time. Not for me either though as I am afraid of heights!!!!!


Just seeing the photos made my stomach do flip flops...and not in a good way! I think you were wise to stay at home :)

Liese Lotte

Quelle confusion !


Oh no, that is NOT my idea of fun, climbing rocks. I'm with you on this one....brocante, antiques and dining are my idea of fun.

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

27 years of marriage have wised you up. Good choice.

(Once David begged me to accompany him and his friend Bob fishing on marshy lands at protected edge of Gulf of Mexico, when we lived in Houston. "It'll be beautiful! You'll enjoy seeing the coast. You don't even have to fish, you can jut float and read!" That night, as David and Bob took turns slogging through the marshes, HAULING the boat whose motor had died oh so far away from anything, being battered by mosquitoes, muddy and tired, they agreed as to how glad they were that neither wife was along. "I might have had to shoot one or both of them," they agreed. Oh my, that was the wisest decision I ever made in my whole life.)

peggy aplSEEDS

I so enjoyed this post! So amusing. I would be just like you!

Teresa Cesario

So you were right in your decision and also to go pray. Haha Corey. It doesn't sound like fun, although they enjoyed it. I would have declined also.


Looks like a wonderful thrill. I might have been convinced to try it. Seems like the older I get, the more caution I am throwing to the winds. Not with regard to my grandkids though. I'd like to put them in bubble wrap and carry them around with me.

Leslie in Oregon

Were they climbing up the cliff or down the cliff into the water? I'll do anything that includes getting in wster!

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