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29 August 2014


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Oh yes, please ask Patrice for the recipe! I've never cooked anything in tea-except for tea itself.

How lovely to have a place like this to just have good food and friendship too.

PS - Yes, I have used tea in food preparation. Lapsong Souchong is a good one for the smokiness. I have used green tea in a marinade for fruit salad. And when I sold a line of jam 7 different flavors had tea in them, such as Pear Lemon Marmalade with Green Tea, Earl Grey Jelly, Apricots with Darjeeling, Black Tea scented with Roses Jelly.

"[Open] Seven to Four" -- you mean until 4 AM??? Oh-là-là!

Patrice was my name in French class all through high school. I didn't know until today that it is not a girl's name! Good thing no one else in school knew it either. I've been brushing up on my French lately, precisely for occasions such as dining at friendly, casual cafes. I'd love to someday be able to carry on a conversation with the "real" Patrice, and sample his lovely cuisine!

P. S. Is Sasha enjoying Seattle? I live 2 hours south of Seattle and I just love visiting there! I hope he has a chance to visit many places in the PNW. Washington State is a beauty!

So glad you tell about these things, Corey!

How else would we know about such true delicious treasures?!

Your description is absolutely irresistible!

If you give us the receipe, I will try it.

I love meeting these restaurant owners through your camera. They look like wonderful people. Great post Corey

Your posts always make me smile, and yearn to be back in Europe :-)

When you first wrote "lasagna", I was not inspired (not a fan) -- but of course, I should have known better -- that there was more to it than what I had assumed. If Patrice prepped the noodles in lapsang soushong, what other inspired and wonderful things did he do to the rest of the lasagna? You have me wondering! (mmm, goat cheese and pumpkin!!)

Thank you for introducing us to Patrice; I file away all these recommendations for when we get back to France.

Never heard of cooking pasta in tea, but it sounds delicious. I must try it.

WOW, lasagna with tea, interesting, sounds wonderful and different and never had pumpkin lasagna, I love veges and so many things we can do with them, I always feel so good eating healthy, my lifestyle, and to be in FRANCE…..OH MY, I am sure I will never come back to the US to live in a Village like you…..Oh La La ! xo

You will never know how much I appreciate your daily posts. So many issues in life right now that just a 5 minute read accompanied by day dreaming is totally refreshing and gives strength to jump though life's hurdles. xo

One thing I have noticed in pretty much all of your family photos is that Yahn shows a protective body language towards both of his children. I think it is a subconscious gesture and a visible sign of his great love for his family. Way to go! Hope you have/had great fun at the family celebration of marriage.

I am the only one who thinks that first photo of Chelsea looks like you and your maternal side of the family? Amazing.

When the photo first appeared I thought....
Wow ! Chelsea looks just like Corey !

Love the photo bomb!

You, me and shelby...we are going on a date here!!! oh, lets have chelsea too! I cant wait :) all our love xoxoxox

How delightful. And I'm a bit jealous of course. My favorite thing is yann's classic French mouth shape in the first photo. Btw, about the wedding photos --I'd say you did pretty darned well with just your cell phone.

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