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18 September 2014


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Panties wins by a long shot, even though underwear is used occasionally! Funny story. Sounds like such a happy day, with good friends, food and laughter!

I've never lost my underwear in public. But I'm working on it.

This reminds me of the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where Larry tries on a bra belonging to his friend's wife. There are a few four-letter words in here, between the laughs, so apologies in advance:


Yep, it's panties here until my boys became teenagers and I self-corrected to underwear & boxers.
Corey, my daughter has to complete a semester aboard and she is thinking south of France. When she decides, can it email you to see if you know anything about the school she chooses? Thanks

Well I guess the non-embarrassing part of the story for Denise is her "culottes" were light enough or small enough for the breeze to catch them and send them floating away !

Actually I think two drops of pee would of come out if I read that your hubby came back with a pair that wasn't your friends.

Why, yes, I DO call them panties!

Oh I LOVE this laughter. I call them underwear, haven't said panties in a very long time.

That story will live on for a long time! I can just hear Denise telling it! I bet your sides hurt from laughing so much. Panties? No, I can't bring myself to audibly say that word :-) Regards to Vlad & Denise.
P.S. I want Denise's knives, lucky girl!

I wanted to see the photo with the panties! I know, I am evil.

Haha, knickers here; there is a very comfy brand called "Thunder Pants"

Isn't that funny - I was just thinking about that word "weenis" last night! Your weenis rubber story was the first place I heard it. I can't believe I've had that word rattling around in my head for 2 years.

Yep, it's panties in this household -- rarely, rarely 'underwear.' The flying and lost panties story has cracked me up! Thanks for the giggles this morning.

"Unders" here . Reminds me of the time I was heading into a meeting - as I put my arm through my jacket sleeve, a pair of unders shot out and plopped onto the floor. No sense pretending it didn't happen when everyone saw it, so I just grabbed them up and said, "so THAT'S what I couldn't find any this morning"! Keep 'em guessing.

Love the escape and reduce story!

"panties" has such a feminine lacy ring to it....nothing at all like the utilitarian undergarments I wear. It's "underpants" or "underwear" all the way here. Maybe I need to go shopping...hmmmm....

My Grandmother called them "step ins" My entire youth I called them steppins until when older my girlfriends would say "What ARE you talking about?" I don't like the word panty, so I use the word, underwear. Maybe now that I'm as old as as my Grandmother was, I'll go back to using "steppins."

Guess I have lived in too many places for I have used panties, underwear - and undies :)

French husband looks divine in his COLORS!!!!

Thanks to Ian Dury, "new boots and panties" is my go-to phrase when extremely happy.

Hahahaha!)) Thanks for sharing this hilarious moment with us!

Me too, Patti L.
Or, we can just commend Corey for her restraint and excellent taste in not including them. After all, her mother reads this blog. And she already recently posted a cute butt-grab photo, to Mom's dismay.

Not only do I call mine panties (raised in a household of girls) but when we married, I called David's underwear panties. He protested mightily but eventually gave up and now he calls his underroos panties too.

Oh how I wish Vlad and Denise had been in Cotignac while we were there -- they sure do sound like fun!

My French husband has started calling the undergarment made for the male of the species panties too!! I find it too funny!

Generally, I call them undies -- works for both genders!

(and talk about lusting after that silverware!!!!)

Loved this . . . Fun to laugh with others and about myself too.
Love the panties story . . . I wouldn't want anyone looking for my "bloomers."
I lost a bra once . . . on the clothes line and then . . . GONE!
Never, ever found it . . . makes me giggle to think of the scenarios that were mentioned after!

what a fun day.. so enchanting how you link the world together. you and yann are a hoot! don't think you have a boring moment together...ever..

how i look forward to the panty hunting tour in provence..

love you all

lana kloch

Too funny! We called them "bloomers" growing up but now it's underwear. Diggin' your husband's colorful clothes.

Hahaha! What is in FH's pocket? Pocket squares, a pair of panties, or just a pair of plyers?

So funny! I had missed your original weenis post, so thanks for the gift of laughter.

yes indeed fancy girls, drool the flatware picture, and again, zooooom to the brocante….what colorful colors on the fence jumper, ***wink*** all in good fun & best to Denise, a real sport ! xo

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