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06 October 2014


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Those Leonardo girls have not changed since high school! Seriously.
And had the good fortune of the wonderful Dr. Chun checking in on my Father early this year at Enloe. Am grateful to her for the comfort she gave him.

I've seen it all now, framed panties, I'll pass, but not on chivalry, **wink wink**, hee hee, xs

That is so-o-o-o FUNNY! Poor Denise. :)

1. Why oh why oh why would someone frame these? I am perplexed and amused.

2. BED BUGS???!!!! Because we got them in Greece at a lovely rental house, rather David got them, and I freaked out/ fretted about them until it finally became clear that we hadn't brought them home. (Our luggage lived in clear plastic sealed bags for a year in case the lovely little guys had hitchhiked home. They hadn't.)

Are you saying bed bugs just for effect or because you've actually encountered them amongst brocante ware?

Can't understand why the underwear was framed, unless it had belonged to a famous woman in history. Still..who would want that? Ish!!

Please thank Denise for the smiles.
I needed them.

No framed woolen underpants, but I did find a very large pair of homemade red plastic unders at a tag sale. So many questions - why make adult size underwear out of a red plastic, flannel-backed tablecloth? Why on god's green earth put them out on your front lawn for sale?

Your lost panty story just keeps getting better!

Dear Denise, this too shall pass. You're as great sport and fun friend for Corey and Yann to have.

Silly girl. You should have bought them for Denise. Since they are framed she wouldn't be able to lose them so easily. Oh,I get it, they're the wrong color, weren't hers pink with the day of the week on them?

Too funny! I think they would make the perfect Christmas gift for your friend. 'May your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be HOT!

How better to show ones pride of their handiwork - than to frame it on up!
Or maybe it's like a white canvas or a urinal.....

Too funny.... I laugh every time you write about the panties. Denise is a good sport to take all your teasing... she know you do it with love....Woundn't ypu love to know the story behind the framed panties.... pretty strange....must be very rare.I am surprised you did not buy them.

Oh my goodness! Woolen panties?? Yikes, hot and itchy. Please tell Denise we are so grateful for the chuckles we get every time we are reminded of her "traveling panties". Still amazed someone bothered to frame these lovely woolen ones in hopes someone might want to hang them on the wall. Only at the Brocante!

I like Evelyn's idea.

What a riot!
Beautiful family.

Ain't that curious? ;-)

Now, come to think of it:
In third grade, the girls of my elementary school had to actually knit a pair of woollen knickers. The kind that covered two thirds of your thighs, so-called passion killers. I remember mine being of a blue-grey color. I imagine my mother polishing the floors with them.

"Don't get your panties in a wad"....She won't now with these pressed under glass!

LOVE THIS...............LOVE IT!

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