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29 December 2014


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Wow!! What a date!

YOWZA....very romantic, very very romantic.

One summer, 30+ years ago, I went on a summer studies abroad in the Greek Isles. We had two sailboats and four teachers. By the end of the trip, the teachers felt pretty comfortable with all of us, and took us to a nude beach on the island of Paros. Yep, they stripped right down. They were probably my age today, but the image is seared into my brain.

Corey, I Googled but cannot find that painting on the Musee d'Orsay site. Perhaps it is called "Hey Baby." Thank you for sharing this story; what if you recognize someone from the Catholic Church made me laugh.

This would make a great scene in a romantic movie....

You are one brave woman! All those thoughts that ran through your head...So funny. I love your honesty. Thank you for sharing.

Ah love...the things we do and what we remember and hold on to-- more precious than gold-I have never been to a nude beach-but when I was a sophomore in college my boyfriend at the time and another couple flew down to mexico-I told my mom and dad I was down the shore (in new jersey) we swan naked and sunbathed on what we thought was a secluded beach-not so ----- hey come to think of it the same thing happened here on the jersey shore same people getting naked swimming and sun bathing ----laughing like fools-some wonderfully innocent happy times-your story was lovely.....

So if you share this experience with the world you don't have to go to confession...right? I would have turned around and walked off that beach....call me a prude or whatever, that is not how I would have spent a first or any date. You lost your senses you were so in love...right?

Boy ! I was hanging on to every word of your story and you're not going to tell us that sexy thought?? Well, I guess I'll have to try to imagine what it was. This could be a movie...cute perky California girl falls madly in love with a handsome French guy who's touring in America. What a love story!
I, like your other reader, would've have probably run for the hills.....no guts--no glory :)

Oh my -- that was some first date!!

the last few days you have been writing brilliantly.. today you had me from the first word..

i can feel your rush of first blush.. meeting french husband..but going to a nude beach w/o your knowing it was.. i would have flipped and i wore no bra and see through tops. i was a true hippie. however, i would have fainted.

you handled it so well. his leaning in to hold you and your kissing him. nature took its course from then on..

i still see that magic in you two. it is precious and warming to the heart. yes, i know how marriage can be.. french husband doesn't like chores, but he has to do it. and you able to solve it decades later, utilizing sasha's skills. i was rolling over laughing so hard.

you never cease to amaze me. and am anxious to read more tomorrow..

You must write a book!! I agree with Lana your writing has been brilliant of late. Such a sweet story, did you know then he was a keeper? ;)

Way ta go Corey! All good Catholic girls should bare it all on a first date :-)
Thank you for the chuckle.

Memories : )

whoa whoa.. best first date story ever!! love it!!

Awww...so sweet and BRAVE! I would have been panicking big time!

And look where you are now...living and writing in Provence with French Husband and two beautiful kids. Two bare hip hip hurrays for Nudist Beaches!!!

Corey, this could be Calypso and Odysseus. Unfortunately, I do not know the artist.

Amour et Psyché?
I won't be able to sleep tonight, unless someone delivers the correct answer. ;-)

Fabulous story , and wow what a Love story!! It kept me reading to the end.. thanks for sharing,

OMG, Corey. You just crack me up! And from one Catholic girl to another (I also tried the convent), I totally get your thoughts and emotions. Yikes.

I take it you prefer cracks in your china.

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