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13 January 2015


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Corey, you sure brighton my day. You are hilarious! You can "wear so many hats". You could be an Author, Chef, Care giver, etc. etc OR a stand up comedian ! Thanks for making me laugh :)

Ha Ha Ha, you've made me laugh!

I could not hold back anymore at "food illiterate" - *sbl* (shaking in bed, laughing)! Rock soufflé sounds like stone soup, though. Wonder what you'd put in to make it palatable. I'd also bet that you'd manage to let it rise. ;-)

Bwahahaha! "Cake..tomatoes"..love that. :D My dh is also a "speed eater".

My dh is no good at figuring out ingredients either - truly maddening. Brown and good is cute.

I'm married to the US version!

I love it! The French Food Writer. (I was going to say he should have a column in a satirical review. It is is not the time to say this in France.)

YOU two have TRUE LOVE!

POP over to me and see what I HAVE TO BARTER!!!!!!!!


I eat faster than my husband...............but he eats MORE. SO, thats ONE thing WE do not have in common!

tooooo funny!
Well at least he appreciates your cooking.

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