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03 February 2015


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Ann from Bordeaux

Beautiful. Amazed; looks as if it has been like this for years.


God love you. I can go to sleep now, ha ha. These images just sing to my soul. I adore what you've done, simple, inviting and very French. xxx Rhonda


Thank you for the photos Corey! I think this little house should be featured in an interior design magazine!


Oh, my, those steps really could be a gym. Thanks for the sneak peek!


Nothing short of brilliant decorating. Corey you have a decorators eye. The house is scrumptious. I hope that one day I will get to stay in 'the tiny house'...
Can't wait to see more photos. Thank you for not making us wait a minute longer for a glimpse.


Corey you did a brilliant job. It looks great !


What a wonderful talent you are.

nancy w

Looks amazing but those stairs give me vertigo. Your last picture really speaks to me. Looks so mysterious.


Great job! Definitely has that bygone era aesthetic..especially love that huge needlepoint..oh, my, lovely! Give yourself a pat on the back for this challenge..how you all got the furniture in is amazing.


Oh Corey, so lovely,splendid job. I enjoyed the tour,such a great space and to think it only took you a week.... WHAT!????!!! So perfect. Thanks for the tour:)


SPEECHLESS ..... by the beauty and balance -d always says it c YOU ARE MAGIC!!! What talent you have siple perfection in the tiny house!!


that should be SIMPLE PERFECTION!!! speechless and crap at typing always was...


Well done! It is stunning. Could you stop by Massachusetts and help me out with my place? I'm going to rent that tiny house one day!


Corey, I love every inch. You are so talented. I almost feel selfish relaxing & reading your results after the terrible horrific events of the day. I pray the evil will stop. God be with us all.


PS have a wonderful day tomorrow!


It is amazing! Loved seeing this tiny house.
What a special place for dreaming, healing,
and refreshing.


I love what you did to the desk with the missing key. Also love all the wonderful homey touches and there is a little pitcher that is charming. What a wonderful place to spend your days/nights in. Well done and so charming!


Hi Corey,
I love the gift of decorating that you have and the lovely way you display the creative mixtures of items. Most beautiful. Can I carry you away for a couple of weeks to help me decorate (redecorate) my house.


As always, tre cool!!


What a wonderful job you've done, Corey. Parabéns!


This is beyond beautiful...should this be my next excursion? You make it so French!
Thank you for the beautiful pictures.


It looks absolutely wonderful, thanks for the photos. Lyn


Beautiful!! love every bit of it xo N


Absolutely perfect! I love the little kitchen.

Shelley Noble

Sublime in every aspect. It would be heaven to live there! Your mother would approve of your stylish creative decoration.

Leslie in Oregon

This is the tiny house I've always wanted to live in!
Beautiful work, Corey.


Fabulous. Happy birthday Corey x


Oh thanks that was the goal!


Beautiful! Great job! Now....where can I come over?


It's wonderful!

Teddee Grace

Absolutely charming! The tile stairs, that narrow wooden door with the divine hardware, those fans! Thanks for allowing us to get a glimpse.

La Contessa

THAT MAN LARGE in the bedroom!GOD< I LOVE THAT................
YOU did a GREAT JOB!How far are you from ARLES?

Cheryl B.


Dawn Seeman

It is Beautiful Corey!

Toni Mason

Great Job Corey it looks beautiful!


Lovely.Just lovely!

Brenda, Walker, LA

I Live to do this kind of thing, and it does not happen enough!
You have done dashingly well with your resources! I LOVE the doors, and please please contact me if the fans ever go on sale? I think I saw purple in them, such as violets, and I love Violets and pansies! Let me know if they go for sale, Brenda at 1-225-202-0601, or 1-225-667-4011. [email protected]
I will be looking forward to see what you do to the walls!
Love it!

Chico Sue

This is brilliantly done, Corey, simply brilliant!!!


Corey, it is absolutely charming!


Brilliant job, Corey! So inspiring....a French Jane Austen will write novels here...! My rose petal ornament looks grand on that cabinet! Perfect placement. Claire


Corey, you have an amazing gift! This place is absolutely beautiful, charming, and cozy. Kudos to you!!

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