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28 March 2015


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Thanks Corey for the Chanel window. No Chanel wannabe, can't afford her merchandize.
---- Oh, if you can take a photo of a live cat, that would be a site to see. Every time we are in Paris, all we ever see are DOGS!!
Thanks, S&E

Oh the elegant ladies! Perfection! Merci beaucoup!


Les chats, s'il vous plaît?


Corey...I can just see you in a hot pink coat with your blonde hair...trust me, you need to buy one :) You're such a colorful lady---why wear Black?
Those ladies in their 80's were fabulous. I'm loving this "taste of France" you're taking us on. Merci.

missing in action, but not missing your posts.. had to comment today, because you made me homesick for paris and my favorite treats.. highlighting my favorite home hotel caron de beaumarche for the past 5 years to visiting my favorite brocantes to bertillion ice cream.. will try yann's treat next vist..

your snapshots capture so much and fill me with such passion and love.. thank you for making my day so vibrant..

I have never commented before although I've followed your blog for some time. Like others, I am loving this glimpse of Paris through your eyes. I was astonished at some of the street art I saw during my last trip to Paris and would love to see a photo of something special that catches your eye.

Oh Corey, thank you so much for all the Paris pictures --I love them all! I know just what it feels like to walk in that late afternoon light, on those streets full of wonders.

You are making me so homesick... Ever since we moved to Geneva on posting, I have known that I live on the wrong continent, and now need to find a way back. A difficult task... (right now,my best shot looks like lottery tickets)

I have finally figured out what I would love to see a picture of -- children. Special points for finding two friends, both dads, taking care of the combined gang of children. :-D

I can not for the life of me understand why a friend of mine went to Paris last year and said she had no desire to ever go back. Can someone explain that to me because looking at your photos I just don't get it. I would give my eye teeth to be able to explore this city.

Thank you so much Corey for the photo of having ice cream at Berthillion and all the other lovely photos of Paris.

The two girls-with the fuchsia coat IS MY FAVORITE SO FAR-friends love it!

Thanks, Corey! It is so much fun to see your glimpses of Paris! Please keep 'em comin'. A picture of the Seine on a sunny or a rainy day would be grand.

Carol L, I've been to Paris once, 25 years ago, and absolutely loved it. I've been dying to go back every since. There is so much to see and feel and absorb. I felt like I was at home but also on a great adventure. I hope you are able to visit some day - dollars to donuts you'll fall in love with Paris as so many others have.

Thank you Corey. I was hoping for stained glass from Notre Dame!

The little car is perfection. I am with Yann on the captivation of old stuffed animals. They have such personality. The older women were beautiful. It brings to mind the book called Advanced Style....photos of wonderfully stylish women of "a certain age" photographed on the streets of NYC. There is a blog also. Inspiring. All of your photos bring delight. Thank You.

Thank you for taking the time to post the words of encouragement Maria. I'm positive if I ever get the chance to visit Paris I will feel the same way that you felt.

Thanks, Corey; I love ALL of your photos, and I think you've hit all of my wish list in the past few days. What a beautiful city. So much beauty; I don't think a lifetime would be long enough to take in all of the 'moments' and details!

Oh, the stylish ladies of Paris..great photo! Her hot pink coat is to die for. I always wish I had a time machine to go back to the 1950s when the most spectacular designs in fashion were being born..the apex of design & now the timeless classics.

I enjoyed "Advanced Style" blog too!

That Picasso ... so atypical from his later works. I love the details you captured.

And that stuffed dog that Yann is holding! Wonderful. I bought a worn teddy bear at an estate sale once, cause it had been so loved by someone that I had to honor that, not let it get thrown away. The other day in Seattle I saw this lovely book called "Much Loved". You can show him. (or get him a copy for his birthday?) Does Yann have a stuffed animal tucked away somewhere?

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