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21 March 2015


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I do not know how much of a challenge this might be maybe even impossible-but I would like a postcard of anything located on the Rue Sainte Anne- or the Place de Dauphine and if all else fails Pigalle-gritty old Pigalle-beore gentrification happened - GOOD LUCK!!

nancy w

Flower Markets/shops. I know they are abundant so that won't be much of a challenge. However this will be...dogs out & about (you don't have to get close) and one more thing Shop windows preferably Antique Shops. Thank you.


Kids, elderly couples holding hands, elegantly dressed elderly people... There is a shop down the street from the main Laduree shop...I think on the same side of the street, it has famous ephemera-signatures (like Napoleon.) I always loved looking in the windows. In the 12th I saw furniture shops-like industrial shops that still made furniture by hand. Fascinating.

Kathie B.

Food, bien sûr!


A white standard poodle sitting obediently by its' owner at a Paris café.


As usual, great pictures. Wow, Corey, you have been there 27 years; you are becoming a native French person.

Susan young

How about the most beautiful doorways?????
I know MY favorite one. We'll see if you know it as well. ( it's very well- known )

Liane Partridge

A person with a red open umbrella on the Champs Élysées in the rain walking away.

Wendy Langille

I was in Aix and walked into a fabric store that lit up my eyes with such beautifully presented colorful material that I did not want to leave!


People kissing, and very old Paris cimetières, not necessarily all in one picture. :)


Oh boy!

Laurie SF

Imbeccably dressed or rough and tumbled..
Hunky french men.


Should be easy. The carousel near the Eifel Tower

Gail Dawson-White

S'il vous plait des cartes des mugets des bois de premier mai!!!!!!!


Paris in the Springtime......as they say in the song.


After visiting Paris in 2012, I found a postcard which showed the actual building (and apartment windows) where I and my friends stayed across from the Hotel de Ville. I have my own photographs of the Sunday morning activities on rue Mouffetard (both 2012 and 2014) and reminders of the good food I ate there, but I've yet to see a postcard featuring rue Mouffetard. Would love one for my box of Parisian souvenirs. Think you might find one?


A view from the steps of Sacre-Coeur, the horizon or the visitors.

Barbara Kugler

The ice cream shop Berthilon on Isle St. Louis please. My daughter and I went there and also to a lovely Bistro nearby in 2004. Oh and I have been meaning to ask you where your Mom's antique shop is in Willows? I go through Willows fairly often and would like to stop by.


Doorways, Hardware...(hinges, door knockers, escutcheons etc) ephemera of all kinds but especially hand written, old signs...old people, ,,,,. I love all of your photos !

Leslie in Oregon

Yes...muguets des bois de premier Mai!!

Leslie in Oregon

A bit beyond Paris, but postcard/s (or greeting cards) of Jean Guichard's three sequential photographs of the Phare de la Jument with the guardian in the doorway about to be surrounded by huge waves in a storm (taken December, 1090) and published by Graphique de France. I had such a greeting card once but gave it to a dear friend...I have never forgotten how stunning it was!

Leslie in Oregon

Sorry...the above date should have been December, 1989.


Visiting Paris in September and want to walk the quaint side streets and secret corners that are reminiscent of old Paris and the quiet little gardens and shops that still exist......

French la Vie

Hi Barbara
My Mom's shop is in downtown Willows
link below has details:


French la Vie

One like this:


Hi Corey, anything "new" at the Musee Rodin. I was there many years ago and loved it.
Greetings from Stamford,

Bonnie Schulte

I would love to see the shop front of a book shop, or a shop that sells flowers and has all different kinds of flowers outside in front of the shop


Tiny, cute tucked away shops...and, wrought iron ornate balconies, gates, staircases.


oh, and bakeries, especially eclairs, my favorite! 😍

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