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14 April 2015


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Looking forward to seeing Ireland through your eyes. I'm an Irish citizen through my grandparents who were born there but I haven't been there myself yet.


Have fun Corrie! My great grandparents are from Leap south of Cork and we have visited many times. Beautiful beautiful country!


HAVE A LOVELY TIME!!-my dad's family hails from cork!! I fell in love with Ireland when I was there-really in love-- it felt like home!


How exciting!
Happy trails.
And as your previous 3 commenters, some of my ancestors hail from the region - hey, claudia, debbie and g, we might be related!

Brenda, Walker, LA

France first for me, then Ireland, Italy and Israel...Hopefully! One of these days!
Have a marvelous time!


Ireland is lovely. Have a wonderful time.

Jo Roberts

Have a brilliant time in Ireland. I lived in Ireland for two years and loved every minute. So look forward to your photos and lovely descriptions. My dream is to visit your part of France one day.


Safe travels! Can't wait to see your posts from Cork. All that walking before the race will hold you in good stead.

Bev S.

Have a wonderful time!


Have fun, Corey! I know that you will!


A friend from Northern Ireland promptly commented, upon seeing my photos of the verdant island of Flores in the Azores for the first time, that Flores "looked like Ireland, but with palm trees" ;-))) So that makes Ireland the Azores without palm trees?


Have fun with Carrie!
It sounds most deliciously wonderful and adventurous!


Hi there! I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award because 1) you’re very inspiring and 2) I’m paying forward an award that has been bestowed unto me. If you’d like to pass on the award please feel free, but I give it to you expecting nothing on your part. Put it on your sidebar if you’d like, and shine on. You’ve inspired me.


Ireland?🇮🇹 France?🇫🇷 I think it's a tie. I love them both! Can't wait to read your posts on Ireland. Have fun!

Jan wasmann

May the road rise up to meet you and never let you go! Safe and happy journeys!


How gorgeous! Enjoy every minute. I was born in the North of Ireland and have travelled often to the South. We've lived in Australia for 35 years and Ireland always calls us back, so we've made many trips that tied in with our journeying around France. Going back to France again this year - this is a great joy to us. Two favourite countries to dream about - Ireland and France!


Please post lots of photos. I will be seeing it through your eyes! Have a wonderful time.

Jennifer Phillipps

I have a strong urge to put "Have a Corker trip", but that would be pretty obvious! Do have a wonderful time and I for one look forward to the photos and stories. My mother had Irish/Cork ancestry, but I have not been to visit that part of the world as yet. It is on the list.
Safe travels...


wouldn't that be too funny-


Sounds wonderful! Another place I would love to visit. Say hello to the Connally's !

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