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19 November 2015


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that is one great chandelier. ;-)

nancy w.

It is so hard to know what is the right next step isn't it. Pray for some direction.


I want you to know I had a small French flag so I placed it a flower pot outside our front door, with an American flag (union with France) and someone stole the French Flag!!!!
On my list next time I am in France: S/E


your words are so beautiful...thank you


I love your words "such undeniable pleasure." Paris is that for sure. And I, too, love the shops in the 10th. During my visit to Paris in 2014, my little apartment was situated between Gare de L'Est and Canal Saint Martin and I recall checking out the menu at La Camboge, but thought it might be a bit exotic for my Southern tastebuds, and later had dinner, streetside, at a tiny little restaurant a stone's throw away. I loved that area and still covet a beautiful hand-stitched and stuffed owl that I saw in a shop window just off the Canal. I sometimes think I was born to be a flaneur, and so far I have gotten to play the part twice. I'm still hoping to play that part one more time and they say third time's charm. Will just have to wait and see how that pans out.


A friend told me she was glad she traveled when she was young, she has not wanted to travel outside the U.S. Since then. I on the other hand,also travelled when younger, but would like to do so again in the future. We need to pray and not let fear take over.

Jacklynn Lantry

I remain numb and I am 3,000 miles away. I cannot imagine how you must be playing the events-both of your lovely day and that horrific night-over and over in your mind. It is chilling to think such horror would echo your steps of joy earlier in the day. I was relieved to hear that you, and the family, your beautiful children were safe. I imagine you will have waves of shock, disbelief, fear and sadness in the weeks and months to come. It will take a lifetime to process these events. Take special care my friend.


"And yes I'll have my life sunny side up. Thank you."

Our new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, embraces "sunny ways". I believe with all my heart that it is the best way forward.

Be more even more loving, generous and inclusive -- that is the most powerful weapon against such terror.

There have been so many amazing stories to come out of this tragedy -- the young husband and father who penned the most fierce and loving message in response to the loss of his beautiful wife; the father who explained to his young son that flowers and candles are our protection against les méchants; the young man in a kilt who saved a pregnant woman hanging from a window, only to come face-to-face with the terrorists and the truth. There was the man who died saving his friends, the security guard who saved hundreds in the stadium, the spouses and friends who saved their loved ones. There was so much love in the face of hate and terror, and that is what must be celebrated and cultivated if the hate which grows from disenfranchisement is to be vanquished.


That is what it was like for me being in Manhattan on September 11.


this is a post I need to ponder and pray on-thank you!


Such a beautiful day...I'm so glad you shared these positive images and words. All of you remain in my thoughts and prayers. Hold fast to love, kindness, a generous spirit.


Your reflections are poignant, beautiful, so thoughtful. Thank you so much for your words and the everyday occurrences in the photos.


thank you for the heartfelt reflections. sending you hope & healing as the world learns to heal it's wounded peoples.....

Lana Kloch

you put it so beautifully..how fragile life is.. that this horror was inflicted without any foreshadowing... so many innocence lost..

let's enjoy now.. without fear.. a life well lived is the finest victory against this insanity...

sending hugs and love,

lana cano kloch

French la Vie

You made me smile!

French la Vie

As long as the direction is one of love and not fear...

French la Vie

Music to my ears... your next trip to France.

French la Vie

Thank you! A flaneur oh my welcome! I bet the owl was from the shop in the photos above. There was a dove, a fox, a pigeon...

French la Vie

Thank you Jackie, I am fine compared to the many others who suffered at the hands of such cruelty. Though with that said, the images of ambulances and police play over and over in my head... Ruth and I were both stunned.

French la Vie

Yes Monika those stories, those accounts keep us faithful to the ways of love. Beautiful and raw, celebrated and cultivated yes!!

Shelley Noble

Well put, Corey. May God's love surround you and all the world.


Interesting take on being reflective ....


Praying for peace on earth and hearts full of love
especially at Christmas. Let us all be beacons of love, light, hope and faith for a much brighter tomorrow.
Much love to you all


The lady who made the owl, and I spoke with her, really has a way with a needle and bits of pieces of fabric and lace and buttons and such. Next time I will be better prepared to bring home something so cumbersome, as the owl was rather large--rather life-size. I did bring home a tiny pottery bluebird from the market at Vanves, supposedly made by a "famous potter in the south of France." Could have fooled me! But I love it still.

Marilyn Marcus

Beautiful, beautiful reflection. Thank you. I'm so glad you were there that day and so glad you and your family are safe. My friend Ann and I left Paris on October 29 and we will be back. My heart is broken for the innocent victims on the 13th and I will fight against the nastiness of some of our politicians here.


I refuse to live in fear, to have my daily actions changed by that. They say Italy will be next, in my hometown security has been set on a upper level, but I refuse to see the change. I don't want to change my life if not by my own choice.


Thank you for inviting me to reflect some more, to look inside, to live this moment with intention because is all what we have. I want this moment to be loving one.
A warm hug to you

Jan wasmann

Sending you and your family warm and safe thoughts Corey. Such incomprehensible actions that no one will ever understand. I can't wait to return to your magnificent city of beauty, strength and love again soon.


Thank you for your tender words and soft images, Corey; a salve for our aching soles. My heart and prayers go out to France, to Paris, especially to those who lives are so changed.


Thank goodness you did not stay into the night. I am so disheartened by many of our fellow Americans' descent into bigotry, based on fear, that I had to deactivate my Facebook account today. Thankfully there are others like you who understand that hatred and fear cannot rule us, or the terrorists win. I am still planning to head up to Paris, renting your beautiful apartment, as soon as possible.


My role: love, acceptance, understanding, unity, peace. For me anything less is unthinkable.


Corey, I think that "fear" is a human feeling after such events.
Each of us has to identify it, to accept it. Then one has to endeavour to find ways to tame it. Each one must find how to live with it and then make sure to overcome it positively.

Thank you for this post !
Thinking of you !

Linda P.

Katherine, I, too, have been so disheartened by what I've read on FB that I'm considering deactivating my page. For now, I've just unfollowed several people so that I don't have to read their posts. They're relatives, and FB is my only means of keeping up with how they're doing. I'm still making up my mind what to do, but, for today, I'm checking Corey's blog first thing in the morning rather than going to FB.

Corey, thank you for being the person you are.

French la Vie

I too am shocked. Thank you for taken refugee on my blog.

French la Vie

Yes you are so right, thank you, thank you!!


Thank you for your welcoming posts that just keep coming. Thank you also for your latest contribution, albeit shocking and sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by those heinous deeds. The Parisians are such a beacon of strength,love and light in these dark times.

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

Beautiful images accompanying vivid descriptions and such stark contrasts of your experience of the day -- before, and after.

Next time I come to Paris (I hope I get to be there again sometime) I want to wander in the 10th. Looks right at my style/speed.

I'm glad you got to enjoy your Friday the 13th day there. Before.

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