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13 November 2015


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So glad you are all well! So very sad.

Linda P.

I'm so glad that you posted and, of course, that you and yours are safe. This is my second time to check the blog after I heard the news.


Thank you for posting this for us "strangers" across the world thinking of you. Sounds like this is continuing over there, praying we soon hear again that you are still safe.


Thank you,have been watching the news and fretting about the safety of you and yours.

Diane Belforte Lewis

was just about to email you, thank God you are all safe.


Thank God. Be safe. Much love to you all.


I'm glad you posted. We've never met or even communicated, but I thought of you and your family when I heard the news. I'll be thinking of you and others in France in the days ahead.


Dear Corey and Ruth, I am so glad to hear you and your families are safe. I am grateful you posted; you were in my first thoughts. I am so sorry to hear of this in beautiful Paris. Stay safe. I send you all my thoughts and prayers.
Sharon in Boston


What a crazy, horrible thing. 'Glad you and yours are safe. Prayers for everyone.


I've been at work since early this morning so knew nothing of the attacks. So glad your family is safe. Praying for the families of those killed and those still being held hostage.

nancy w

Many, many prayers being said for the victims and their families and loved ones. Just so tragic. All of it so senseless. Literally thanking God that you and Ruth and your families are safe. Please stay where you are and use extreme caution.


Glad you are all safe....horrible horrible....I cannot believe what I am hearing.


So glad to hear you and your loved ones are safe...will be praying.

Jo Roberts

So glad you posted this and that you , Ruth and your families are safe. I enjoy your blog every day and will keep you all in my prayers.


My God Bless you and keep you. May God's Face shine upon you and give you Peace. Becky in Oklahoma


thank heavens. you were my first thought. lovu stay safe

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

So glad you posted the whereabouts (and safety) of all your (OUR) family in France there. What a family feeling your blog has developed. So thanks for updating us. Now I shall learn what I can about these attacks, and mourn for those who were not so fortunate.

Can't believe you were so close.

(I was travelling for work last week, and have been busy this week, and am SO BEHIND in catching up on your blogs! But -- I'll catch up at some point, as you'll notice from the flurry of comments that I'm bound to come up with. R.)


Thank you.


Your family was my first thought when I saw the news. Praying for all of France tonight.

Lesley Austin

Prayers spoken, candles lit, tears for all in Paris and that you and your dear ones are safe...xo


Thank you for posting. Such an horrific attack. Prayers for comfort and peace.


Didn't realize you were back in Paris, Corey. I know you'll do what you must in order to stay safe. We are following the news here on TV, our hearts in our mouths, horrified that this has been happening. Abraços (hugs).


Corey, I'm glad to know you and your loved ones are alright! Am praying for the fallen and their families! Stay safe!


So happy you are all safe. I'm praying for France tonight.


My first thoughts were of you and your family. We are lifting up in prayer all of those affected and your country as a whole. I'm so grateful that you and your family are safe, thank you for letting your followers know.


My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Literally, tears of joy in finding that your families are safe! So sad for the families of the innocent victims. Sending prayers across the skies to all.

Carolyn Mallin

I'm so glad that you and your family are safe. My heart goes out to the families of those killed or injured.


Just getting home and hearing of these horrific attacks. So thankful you and yours are safe. I immediately went to the blog to check on your children. Thank you for letting us know. Prayers for Paris, my dear friend.

Sue Young

I am horrified for my beloved Paris, a place that I have been to countless times since I was a teenager, and love with all my heart.Mon coeur pleure pour la France. I am so relieved to know that you and your family are all safe, dear Corey.


Thank you for posting, Corey. I was praying all the way home on the 30 minute drive from work that your family was safe. I am praying for the people of France.


The news of Paris is truly heartbreaking this evening. Thankful that you and your family are safe. Such a sad day. Many prayers for all of France.


Praying, once again, for France and the people of Paris. Horrific events.

Glad you and your family are safe.


I have been thinking of you all night and was hoping Chelsea and Sacha were safe. You and all of the French are in my thoughts tonight. Love and prayers to all.


So glad you and your family are safe, and so glad you posted! Sending love to the people of Paris.


So glad all of you are safe. What a horrible, senseless tragedy. You are all in my prayers. Thank you for thinking to post and let us know. Hugs.

Laura gallagher

So glad everyone is safe you were the first persons I thought of. All of France is in my prayers. Laura g

Leigh NZ

OMG Corey!! I'm so relieved that you and Ruth and the rest of your families are safe. Thank you for letting us know that you're OK. Unbelievable, hard to comprehend this evil. Praying for all. Love to you, Yann, Ruth, friends and families. Please keep us updated. Kia Haha everyone Stay Strong.

Roberta Manly

Thank goodness, and thank you for letting us know. We are so sad about this tragedy and currently glued to CNN. Be careful.


Glad to know all is well with you and yours. So horrendous and frightening. May give me second thoughts about returning to Paris in 2016, particularly traveling alone. My condolences to all those who may have lost loved ones tonight. Paris will survive and become stronger for it.

Carol in Australia

Thank you for letting us know that you and the family are safe. Thinking of you and everyone in France. This is such a shocking tragedy.


Glad you're ok Corey.


♪ ♪ Tonight's earworm: "The Last Time I Saw Paris" -- lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, melody by Jerome Kern.


Unbelievable and very sad for the families. Thanks for posting and letting us know you are safe. Trust that God is sending angels to protect you and your family and friends. Prayers and more prayers going to France.


Thanking God you and your family are safe. Praying for those families not that fortunate. Praying for Paris and all of France.


So glad you let all of us know how you are your family are- I had just opened my e-mail to get in touch with you & your "community" and saw your update. I was so worried about you & your loved ones- so relieved but so sad for all. I've been to Paris several times- just devastating to think about this. Big hug & many prayers


Keep safe. My prayers to all and their families.

Atlanta, GA USA

Marilyn in Chico, Ca

You and your family came to mind right away when I heard the horrific news. I am so happy you are all safe, but so, so sad for the others who weren't.


so grateful that you are both safe and sound....heart is breaking for those who have been affected-for all in France ..... the country I love so much....

Dave & Teresa

Prayers to the City of Paris. Our President vowed to do anything to help the people of France. So glad your family is safe and sound. Dave & Teresa


So sad.
Prayers for you, Ruth, your families and all of France.


The reaction was to check your blog. Relieved you are safe. Praying.


Thank you for posting and letting us know that you and yours are safe.
Prayers. Many, many prayers.


Glad to hear you are safe, deeply shocked and saddened that this is happening in Paris or anywhere in the world. Praying for an end to violence at all levels.


So glad to hear you are all safe and so,so sad.


SO relieved to hear you and loved ones are safe.

Sending prayers 💖


oh my goodness....it is so frightening
prayers and thoughts to you all
so pleased to hear you are safe

Bev S.

Just heard the news. Thankful you are safe and praying for all who have been affected by this.

Debbie Z.

So thankful that you and your family are safe. You are the first people I thought of when I heard the news and it was a relief to read your words. Prayers for the grieving families.


Corey, I'm so glad you are safe and your family too. My prayers are with you and your adopted homeland. 💙💙💙


Was thinking about you and your family.🙏🏼👍😁


So glad to hear you are safe. I can not believe what is going on. Prayers for all.

Janet Eiffel

Just makes me so very sad.
Be safe.

Iowa Julie

Oh, Corey, the minute I heard of the events I thought immediately of you and your family. Thank you so much for letting us know that you all are safe. Love and peace to you all. I am praying for the victims of this violence.

Laurie SF

Horrific news tonight. I'm without words..
In solidarity San Francisco has luminated it's grand City Hall with the colors of France.


Though we have not met in person, you are the family I know and care deeply about in France and I rushed to your blog, hoping you would let us know, and I am so thankful that you and yours are safe. My heart is heavy with grief for the innocents who are victims of this horrible act. Please stay strong, France, the world needs you.


Oh, my God I just heard the horrific news on t.v....so tragic..my thoughts & prayers for France..thank God Corey you and family are safe!


I thought of you and your family as soon as I heard, Corey. So relieved to hear you are safe. Prayers for all those murdered and their family. Bless your country xo


Praying for everyone in Paris. So sad. Glad you and your family are safe. Xx

Jan wasmann

You were in my prayers as are all in France tonight. So glad you and your family are safe, take care of yourself Corey

Brenda in Texas

I'm so very relieved that my French "family" is safe...
But so sad and horrified for those who are not. No words can express my mix of emotions. I'll be thinking of you, don't know what else to say.


Corey, I'm so saddened by yet another act of evil. My heart breaks for those who will receive awful news tonight. Glad u and Ruth are safe. Praying for all the victims and their family.


Oh so glad to hear that you and family are all safe and sound. What an awful tragedy for beautiful Paris. Sending prayer to all the family of the victims. Just believable. So sorry Corey.


The moment I heard I came to your blog to check whether you and your family were safe. SO relieved to hear you are all okay. Stay safe Corey. My prayers are with all those who were affected and all those who love Paris as I do.

Barbara C

Sending love and relief that you are both safe. Such sorrow....


Thanks so much for posting. Thankful you are all safe. Joining you in prayer.


My thoughts and prayers are with all of you in Paris and around the country. Thank you for your posts.

Leslie in Oregon

Thank you for letting us know that you all are safe. Nous sommes en solidarité avec la France et de tout coeur avec vous.

Patti L

Keeping you in my thoughts, like everyone else I am thankful you were able to post that you are safe. Sad, sad news.

Susan Cox

I'm so thankful you're safe. I love your city! I'm praying for you and Paris. I'm sure most of America is. Please take care of yourself.
I don't even know you, but I feel like I do.
If you can, please keep us posted.


I am unbelievably sad about this tragic event, and so thankful you & Ruth are safe. What times we live in. Love you, Corey. Stay safe.

Julia - Vintage with Laces

I'm so glad that you all are safe, Corey. Knowing that you were so close must be very shocking. My thoughts are with you and with France.


I woke up to these devastating news an hour ago and my first thoughts were of you and your family and our Bourgogne neighbours, who live in Paris most of the time. I am so relieved to hear you and your family are safe. Still worried about Olivia and her family though.This breaks my heart.

pc brown

Thank you for posting; and thank you for your strength and courage during this horrific time. France and all her people are in our hearts and our prayers tonight. May the Lord bless you all.


My prayers are with everyone in Paris today


Our hearts are breaking again. Take care. Doris


Thank you for letting us know you and your family are safe Corey. Such a tragic and terrible terrible time. Prayers for the people of Paris and for those who did not return home.


...so very very thankful you are safe...praying for france and all those you love...blessings laney


Oh Corey I know Yann and your family were beyond frightened until they heard from you. Oh my your adopted country is aching and we are praying. Post as often as you can and stay safe.


Thank you for posting Corey. So glad you are all safe. So sorry for of those who were lost or injuried. Prayers for all of France. Stay safe.

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