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26 December 2015


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You lucky girl! What a wonderful place to have a family Christmas vacation.

It is a treat to find this post and these photos of your dear family, knowing you are together and happy, on this quiet day after Christmas. xo

I'm so glad you were able to do this! Love the pictures of all of you in the alcoves. I'm sure the food was fantastic.

Did you get to the Medici Chapels with the Michelangelo carvings?

Did you visit any antique shops?

And how long does it take to drive there from the Côte d'Azur?

I can't think of a more fabulous place to spend Christmas! Merry Christmas!

WoW, you have lived a life like no other!
Much happiness to you and your family in the coming year!
Thank you for sharing.

Grazie, for sharing your trip with us. BTW, I love to snap pictures of Farmboy Husband taking photographs!

What a wonderful family holiday. I have only spent hours in Florence, but you make it sounds like I should return.

lovely times with your family... remembering times with my daughter, molly, a few years ago in florence... uffizi, ahhhh....boblili gardens,ahhh, so beautiful! such cherished memories, such cherished "now" moments....


What a magical way to spend Christmas with your family!I don't know why no one has asked about your cutting your hair thirty years ago and throwing it into the river from Ponte Vecchio. Obviously, I am missing a great deal about your past. I hope you and your family continue to enjoy your holiday!

I wondered re that, too!

Your photos are great, your family looks like so much fun and you have such a fabulous way with words: Angel Wing in Red. I love Angels, I love red. Made my morning. I am going to try to be an Angel in Red every time I wear my red sweater.

Stunning photos of Florence but I love your boots!

Perfection - in all ways.

Skip the parties, the presents, the big meals, the shopping, and go the Florence for Christmas! I just got an invite to a "post holiday party". Send me the name of the hotel.....I would seriously consider it for next year.

BTW, did you cut your hair because you were a nun?

Your holiday sounds divine.


I have cried in a museum and had my breath taken away many times. The first time I saw a Van Gogh....the last time was in Rome where I saw a statue of a woman draped in sheer fabric...what genius does it take to create the illusion of sheer fabric out of marble?? Such meaningful, ancient things to share with your family at Christmas, you are so blessed!

What a lovely time you've had. Isn't it wonderful to spend time with adult children? It was a surprise to me how much I enjoy the adults my "kids" have become. I'd never really thought about it when they were children. But seeing them together and loving being together with each other is such a gift. Have a wonderful New Year Corey!

Oh we did feel lucky!

Hi D
We didn't see a fraction of what Florence has to offer, yet we saw as much as we could.
We did see the amazing carvings!!
AND the MOST AMAZING Antique shop I have ever seen in my life!!! I thought of you!
It took us six hours incuding the hour we stopped for Pisa and food.

I agree with you ahhhh so beautiful!!

I will tell you one day xx

Thank you xx

lol, me too! They are my second pair. I literally wore the soles off the old ones four times!!

Our thoughts exactly. I want to make it a habit.
No I did not cut my hair for the nunnery.
That is a story for another day.

Ditto Ditto Ditto!!

OMG, Corey! Simply fabulous!!!

Happy New Year Corey ! I love to take my 2 grandchildren to Florence and see all the fabulous art. Can you give me the contact info of the apartment? Beautiful fun pictures of you and your family!!!

Oh Corey, Florence must be beautiful!
You seem to have had such a wonderful time there.
Have my feet ever gone numb from walking? Sure enough: in Paris... We went there for a prolonged weekend for our wedding anniversary and walked about 60 km in two days... I thought my feet would bleed (they didn't), but it was awesome!

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