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28 December 2015


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Nice photos by you both. You are making me want to return to Florence.

Lovely scenery! Now tell us about the food :-)

Sasha has a really good eye for composition. The pictures are beautiful. I was there about 15 years ago. The art is magnificent.

Well done Sacha!

Wonderrful pictures. The image through the crystal ball is captivating.

I'm guessing Teatro del Sale means Theater of Salt?

I found a little video review of it - it looks fantastic:


Thanks so much Corey for transporting me back to Florence...3 days wasn't enough for me to see all she had on offer! Beautiful photos of which some I found really affected me...the sign of a talented photographer. X.

Oh I love Florence! Sadly, both times we have been there we were with friends with mobility issues, so we did not see half of what we wanted to! Looking forward to returning so we can see EVERYTHING!

What is better than sharing a trip to a beautiful place with people you love?! I was there with my mom and then again with my husband. Both now gone but so grateful we did it!!

I have eaten at TEATRO Del SALE and it's NOT the performance you would think.I think in the DAY it was something..........so NOT TO WORRY YOU MISSED IT!Much better you got into the FAMILY SPOTS.
DID you go into SAN MINIATO AL MONTE........up on top above PIAZZA A MICHANGELO?I was married there.........UPSTAIRS were the MONKS WOULD SING!!!

I think Sacha inherited your photography talent! I was in Florence about four years ago and after seeing your photos I went straight to Expedia and started plugging in "departure" "Destination" and then scrolled down the list of hotels in Florence. I want to go again.

Corey - you must know by now that the traveler inside me is fed by your journeys. Thank god for you or I would be one unhappy woman! Since my husband is doing so much better health wise, he has been asking me where I want to go or what I want to do for our 25th - of course, I say France . . . but, now, Florence is a close second! Thank you again my friend!

Thank you to Sacha for the beautiful photos of Florence and of his beautiful mother! My husband and I spent a very brief 24 hours in Florence two years ago and so regret not having more time there. We promised ourselves a return trip someday.

Many blessing to you and yours in this New Year!

Well that was a fun tour. I was last there on my honeymoon about a thousand years ago. Wonderful soft and rich colors. I'm too sleepy to count down and tell you my favorites but I quite enjoyed these. Thx

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