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27 January 2016


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Extraordinary photos. All of them.
Perhaps you love taking photos more than you know. You left the camera behind but the sense of beauty overwhelmed you and you had to capture it.

I agree with Christine - all your photos are beautiful, Corey. My favorites on this day are the third of the temple and that gorgeous light coming into the church...Annie still shines so bright.

Oh, to follow in the footsteps of your Belle Mere. What a role model for us all.

(Continuing to pray for Thierry.)

She is like a French Energizer bunny! Just looking at your gorgeous photos made my feet ache.

FH is a trooper too. Whenever I am shopping with my husband, I just have to look at him and his response is, "NO! NO! NOT THE PURSE! NOT THE PURSE!" And, of course, he gets to hold the purse.

What a truly wonderful treasure to have these strong women surrounding you. Your photos are amazing. Loved the ones with your Belle Mere. You are blessed.

So many blessings! Belle mere is beautiful!

Corey, those are beautiful photos.Thank you.
Your Belle Mere, what a lady, beautiful and strong.

Sending love and prayers to your friend Thierry.

You're words are such a funny, loving, honoring, admiring tribute and sigh. All I can do is smile.

WHAT A CAPTURE...........................FRAME THAT PHOTO COREY!!!

Your mother-in-law is amazing, and Yann is a dutiful son. Beautiful.

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