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02 January 2016


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and you do it so wonderfully-capturing beauty!

nancy w

I believe that GOD in His infinite and constant love wants us to be happy. I also believe that He gives us beauty on a daily basis. All we have to do is be still enough to experience it. Mother Nature is His assistant and a fabulous artist is she. I am so grateful that you share what you see Corey. Thank you.


I love all the same things you do, Corey. Kindred Spirits.
A brand new year.
I didn't miss one entry you wrote last year and am looking forward to being on the ride with you in 2016. Thanks for the memories :)
P.S. Checked out the French guy in the Dept. Store. I'll keep looking...


I "touch and agree" Nancy. Beautifully said.


I think France is the perfect soul home for you
Thankyou for always being so inspiring
Xxgod bless

Patti L

I get breathless over the same things, and I think it's amazingly wonderful that you still do after living there so many years. It is so brimming with detail that discovering it is never ending. I am most thankful to share the sacred gifts that you offer, your loving photos and your heartfelt words.


Thank you for restoring the feeling that France's beauty is most definitely under my skin. I'm still working on my francaise and I will find a way ! Thanks, Corey

Marilyn Marcus

Your words take my breath away this Sunday morning! Thank you!


I feel the same way about Paris. The pictures are beautiful!

Teddee Grace

..."France how did you become so faithful to old beauty?" You have described perfectly the difference between France and the U.S. For those of us who see detail, France must be heaven. Thank you so much for the lovely, lovely photos and Happy New Year!


That's a lovely phrase about France & beauty..I'm so glad for that faithfulness. Here most people can't see the beauty in the past & tear it down for new cheap construction..ugh! There are some preservationists who are saving the "old" (obviously our history isn't as old as Europe) buildings & turning them into hip shops so gotta be grateful for kindred souls.


Your words are so beautiful and poetic. Oh for the surprises and eye openers along life's path.

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

And thank you for walking about, taking photos there of what you find beautiful in France, and sharing them with those of us who can only be there rarely if ever (for some.)

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