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16 January 2016


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I'm going to a party tonight for a young man going in the Navy. I may have to bring this! Merci!

I totally volunteer for the cookbook writing job! One snag, I have to live with while we do it:)

Now I want to make a cake! This sounds delicious!

Ooo yummy! I'm going to try this and add coconut I think.

Baker extraordinaire Dorie Greenspan just did an article on this cake for the Washington Post last week:

During Dorie's next live online chat with readers this week, *someone* (LOL!) wrote to her describing your (i.e., Juliette's) version:

Dorie replied (1:58 PM EST):
"Oui, oui, that's the cake that just about every French person knows how to make. The tradition is to use the yogurt pot to measure all of the ingredients.

"Because yogurt pots differ from France to America, I reworked the recipe so that it could be made with standard American cups and spoons."

P.S. Dorie's version includes 2 clementines. After grating the zest from them, she continues:

"Use a sharp knife to peel the fruit, removing all the white pith. Cut between the membranes to release the fruit segments; place them between sheets of paper towels to blot-dry while you make the batter..."

After the batter is mixed and in the pan, she instructs:

"Scatter the clementine segments over the surface."

Optionally, after the cake is baked:

"If you'd like to glaze the cake, warm [2 tablespoons honey] very briefly in a microwave on LOW, just to liquefy it, then brush it over the top of the cake. Let it sit at room temperature."

I have made your recipe on several occasions and love it every time. I usually add fresh berry on top of a sliced piece. Yummmm!

I would happily proof-read for you and I am sure that Frank would be happy to test for you.

My daughter has no school tomorrow, I now know what we are doing during the to celebrate her new part time job that starts tomorrow evening.

I'll throw my hat in the ring for proofreading also.
I proofread FIVE cookbooks my friend wrote. She had a tea room in Newcastle, CA, on the way to Lake Tahoe and wrote one every year; now she resides in Washington State, where her husband took a new job, and has started another tea room there.
I enjoyed every mouthwatering moment. If I can help you, please let me know!

This cake sounds delicious (loved the coconut yogurt suggestion) and will give it a try soon. And my hat is in the ring to try my hand as editor, proof reader, taster, house keeper and hand holder. And if this should mean I must spend time in France, so be it. I am willing to make that sacrifice. Of course I might insist we spend our days off at the brocante. But I am willing to do that as well. I can be packed and ready within just a few hours. :)

i've made your yogurt cake many times. Love it as do others.

Tossed our salad last night with my new beautiful serving fork + spoon. So happy to have (as was the salad!)

There's that cookbook!!! It must become a book, someone please publish it just the way it is!

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