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17 January 2016


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*drool* Definitely want artichoke hearts with mine!

As if you needed any excuse to finish up the other half of the package of phyllo dough anyhow, you'll just have to make these again soon -- and during daytime, so you can photograph them for us. Why, it's you civic duty ;-)

They sound yummy.

These sound like a wondeful appetizer. I have alwyas liked baked garlic...it takes away the edge.

Yes please...I would like this for lunch...or supper..


Garlic breath or not I absolutely love garlic and eat is as often as possible. One of my favourite ways to cook it is a whole head of garlic, top chopped flat, in the over in with a tray of vegetables and roast for half an hour. Husband and I then eat a whole head each. Healthy and delicious! I will certainly be making these garlic bundles, thank you, and I know the children are going to love them too.

Oh my, this sounds fantastic! my mouth is watering and I shared it with my daughter as well, hoping she would make it for one of our get-togethers. Always, such deliciousness I find in your blog....visual, as well.

Driving near Gilroy, California (the self-proclaimed Garlic Capital of the World), one can smell the perfume of "the stinking rose" while passing the warehouses from which the garlic is shipped, and factories where garlic is processed. Yummmm...

We long ago stopped at a garlic visitors' center in Gilroy, but have yet to attend the festival:

I must try this. It sounds delicious, especially with the artichoke. The other night I had pasta with olive oil and so much garlic that I burped garlic all night long.

My taste buds really went silly, compl├Ętement fous, just by reading your recipe !! Your bundles must look like little jewels and taste heavenly.I definately will have a try at it, with the artichokes ( my fave vegetable). Take care and see you soon in the cheese alley of Monop' ! ­čśŐ

I'm gonna have to try this as I have happen to have phyllo in the freezer but have never made it before & we like garlic..just baked a whole bulb tonite.

So make them AGAIN in daylight and show us what they look like please. Because, yum. And I can't taste it anyway so just need to use my eyes to enjoy.

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