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21 January 2016


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Bonnie Gale

I am envious. I recently visited Scalea, Italy in the Calabria region. Fell in love with the people & the places. I hope to return soon. I might even check out Savona. Thank you for sharing your adventure & my prayers are with your friend Thierry.


Delightful! I was at the bank today and the bank manager, who is from Italy greeted me with "do you want a pizza oven " must admit my first thought was wow, what will Seattle banks give away next! Turned out her friend Salvator, from Sicily has a tile setting, pizza oven building business. No such thing as free pizza ovens.


This is indeed the best part of traveling. I love it so much! How special to meet Claudio and get to visit the kitchen. You and Alice were two lucky ladies.

Jacklynn Lantry

Two words...Bucket and list.


Friendship, beautiful scenery, and food. The best!

The name of the restaurant, your words and the murals in the church remind me of the movie Farinelli:


or perhaps the film The Great Beauty:



So sweet. Love it. Thank you so much one more time. Traveling and meeting people is my number one. Thank you again, c. xo


I don't know exactly what it is about this post today, but between the story and the pictures I find it one of the most heart warming ever. The innocence of Alice and those loving eyes of Claudio looking at her breathes life into the soul.
Thank you!

Laurie SF

A note to Claudio:
You fantastico, Italiano, you.
Wonderful post today, Corey. Just wonderful.


Love, love, love this post!


Loved this post! I just love to meet people like Claudio. Doesn't happen very often in the states. We are to used to driving through fast food places. Alice looks so sweet. No wonder he was taken with her. So sorry to hear about Thierry. Such a horrible disease. Prayers & love.

Cheryl in Wisconsin

Oh Corey. That building in the second photo, that pottery, Claudio, the creme caramel. Ethereal.


I love this kind of stuff, too. Would love to have had a seat at the table. :-)


Oh Corey, I love this post! You have such a gift of openness to possibility that I try to emulate. Makes life so rich and joyful. I loved the photos of you Alice and Claudio. May you meet again!

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

Lucky LUCKY Alice, to have you to host her and pave the way to many delightful explorations!

The interaction with Claudio brought to mind my first-ever visit to Europe, when I was 22 and with a student group. We'd travel from city to city on a bus; hotels and breakfast-dinner were arranged; other than that we poured out into the places we were, sketching and photographing and exploring and growing into citizens of the world, independent but protected. A perfect first exposure for a girl from Oklahoma.

One lovely young woman friend and I decided to have spaghetti in Roma, because there we were in Italy after all. We sat at an outdoor table on the edge of some square at the very end of the lunch time when there were almost no other diners, and were waited on hand and foot by the enthusiastic, American-girl-lovestruck younger waiter and the suave older waiter. We ordered spaghetti with meat sauce (having only grown up with Chef Boyardee out of the kit: dried pasta and a can of red sauce.) The waiters absolutely REFUSED to let us order that; instead they brought us some marvelous dish with white sauce and peas along with the pasta, I think. Water mixed with wine because it was lunch time. Flirting and taking their photos and having them linger around the two cute tourist girls. Ahhh. A wonderful afternoon.

(Thanks for bringing it back to mind, Corey and Alice.)

Joan Thodas

Ah, land of my father.

La Contessa

THAT's ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE PEOPLE.............are the BEST and the FOOD!!!!!!
YOU ARE LIVING LIFE COREY................and what an experience for ALICE!

YOU never visit me on my blog................I wonder if you are receiving?!!

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