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06 February 2016


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I call taking Alice's place!

How fun you have with Alice. Definitely you will miss her. Loved your tour.

Bon Voyage, Alice! I hope you can go back to France very often!

Lucky you to have Alice around to keep you hopping! Lucky Alice to have you to make memories with!

what a great post! amazing!!

Love this post and the alice photos!

This post could not have been more perfect! I so hark back to my youth. Corey -you are brilliant and Alice- you appear to be the the best of the best. Bon voyage. If I came to France, would you do that for me? So loved it!

Lucky Alice, photos brought back happy memories of Paris. Just love your photography Corey. Alice will come home to very warm weather, our temperature in Victoria, Australia was 30° celcius yesterday and 27° today.my husband & I are trying to learn French but the verbs will be the death of me!!!!! Will keep trying, I recently had my 70th birthday & 50th wedding anniversary so we must keep our brains active. Found your blog on Kristins & love reading about both of your wonderful lifestyles and down to earth honesty.

I am breathless just reading about this mini adventure and seeing the wonderful photos. Alice is such a sweet, adorable model!

The Sheepfarmer is sick again....rotten exams :-(. THIS brought a smile to my face. Thank you Corey.

very, very awesome!!

I'm so proud of you two for giving Alice the fast paced tour! Bravo, Corey!

Absolutely lovely.

Who is Alice?!

PS she is adorable!

How delightful!!

A wonderful goodbye-Alice remembrance. Great tour of Paris too! Love the photo with sunset reflecting in the Seine.

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