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09 February 2016


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Meanwhile, this weekend our overnight low is forecast to drop to near 0°F (= -17.8°C). Woe is I :-(((


Oh dear, beautiful pictures.

It was 90 degrees today in Los Angeles. The beaches were crowded and the sea lions were frolicking in the waves.


Huge waves crashing onto shore! I'm sure Sasha's photos are wonderful also. Cassis seems to be beautiful no matter the time of year; I love when you share about Cassis :)


Love those colorful painted buildings..a beautiful setting.

Anne Woodyard

Wow - I've never seen waves like that in Cassis!

French la Vie

Oh I have been watching the weather reports in the east... I cannot imagine how cold it must be.

French la Vie

90!! The poor farmlands.
Did you swim?

French la Vie

I hope to share it with you in person one day xxx

French la Vie

It is a rare treat that is for sure.


That EXACTLY is how I felt & feel about Lutry, at the shores of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) in Switzerland. Corey, if Cassis does that to you, it's time to live there.... I would be back at lightning speed to 'my' lake if the good fortune would allow me that, but hélas, I can't.
I am deeply worrying about my friends living nr the sea in all the countries who are 'submerged' by the force of nature. If even in my garden here in Paris region the trees are nearly bending over, plants are being ripped out of their heavy pots and hurled about, the 'securely tastened' birds feeder has emptied its contents over the terrace and leans into the roses - WOAW - they keep telling me how forceful these storms are .... AND I remember the happy, happy times I lived next to the sea in Devon, UK and How we took walks with camera (& films!!!!) to get the highest crashing waves.
Beautiful pictures, memories and smiles. Go for it my friend!

Deb Archer

I dream of living near the sea. The pictures of Cassis are beautiful and as a mother to sons, I know how special it is to spend a day with your boy/man. The weather in Austin, TX is sunny, 79 degrees, beautiful but odd for February. Love your blog Corey.


Cassis at the shore is so beautiful. What a lovely way for a mom and her son to spend together.


Wowza! I have never seen the water crash like that in cassis! How fun!!!!

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

Is that your new place with the turquoise window above and what looks like an open window below? Or the one with 4 turquoise windows? Or am I off base altogether?

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