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10 April 2016


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I am so proud of you!. Everyone has fears and they can seem impossible to get over, but look at how great you are doing! Babette is the perfect dog to help a person realize that dogs can be gentle caring beasts,

pc brown

I can relate to this very much! Agreeing with Kipper above, this is a huge thing and yes, proud of you for even trying and happy you succeeded!
I too have a fear of dogs, even family dogs, "kid friendly", whatever. My older sister informed me that as a toddler I was mauled pretty badly by a friend's family pet, so that's my background. I am still stone cold fearful!
The deal is, I am also one of those people animals are drawn to, horses (also a fear), dogs, birds, cats (even the ones people say NEVER go to other people) all of these - fish in aquariums! -they all approach me, sit on me, fly to me, nudge the glass, its very strange. I love the attention of cats, they talk to me, (I'm allergic, but I can't resist them!), but most of the other animals I could easily be happy viewing from a distance!


This post got me all teared up- no fear is silly - we all have them just the details are different- I adore these photos-

Jacklynn Lantry

Those photo's are adorable! Priceless...well done Miss C.


Babette looks to be a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

We know what YOU were thinking, but I wonder what was going through Babette's head ;-)

nancy w

I am so proud of you! It is very difficult to face our fears and you are very brave and making so much progress. Bravo Babette too.

Janet Eiffel

Fear is real, any fear of anything.
I doubt I could face my fears the way
you have. Awesome !!!!

I am AFRAID of spiders and high places.
I go totally crazy when faced with either.
Yep, fear is a real deal.


I had little dogs as a kid. my kids had dogs of all sizes while they were growing up. I liked them little & didn't like big dogs at all... fast forward to adult life. I adopted a small dog in my 50's. He helped me so much while my family was away. Now, I have a fun little terrier who also helps get me going, loves interaction, etc. Yeps, I'm still into small dogs & am not fond of big ones.... but, I've learned to not be afraid everytime I interact with my kids' big dogs. I'm very happy that your little "king" friend encourages you to engage with her...she is a patient, lovely creature. Maybe next year we'll see you smiling, walking her, giving treats!?!


Great pictures, Corey. Bravo for taking a chance.

As someone once said:

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”


Little Babette with her pretty Black and White coat probably thought you were "kin" in your Black and White outfit! Such an adorable pic!
I thought my daughter was crazy when she got an English Bulldog with those 2 spiked teeth always standing up between her tongue. Now I love her and think Stella is the cutest dog ever! She has the sweetest personality and always welcomes me....it warms my heart. I'm glad you've made these strides:)


So glad you could feel more comfortable with this sweet doggie. What adorable photos!

Jamie Earles

Two sweet girls...

Leslie in Oregon

Bravo, Corey. I am happy for you!


Oh Corey, Corey. Babette is not just a King something-or-other... she is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and they are the only dogs in Britain with a royal decree stating that they can go into all public places in England. (That was back in the day of King Charles II).
They are also THE SWEETEST dogs ever with a beautiful temperament. You choose well when you allow her to kiss your hand.

P.S. -- My little Cavalier passed away on November 1st and she was absolutely wonderful. We miss her so much.

Our French Oasis

Bravo, what a huge step for you, I can imagine you must have been terrified, but Babette looks like the absolute sweetest of dogs, our next door neighbour has just got a Cavalier King Charles puppy, he is so adorable.

Barbara G

Well done, Corey!! This is measurable, absolute progress. Just keep in mind, 'dog' is 'God' spelled backwards.


What a gorgeous photo! I have a king Charles too, they are gorgeous, gentle dogs who just want to make you happy (well most of the time anyway!). Ours loves giving kisses too ☺

Deb Archer

Proud of you Corey! Sweet wet kisses from Babette.

La Contessa

I couldNOT LIVE without MY DOG!!!!!!!!!


Oh Kim, I'm so sorry for your loss. Our companion animals do capture our hearts, don't they?


Chacun à son goût.


Good for you for putting your hand out. Babette is teaching you to love those furry animals. I loved them until I did get bit, after that I have been cautious especially with barking dogs.

Sharon Nicholes

Corey, I am proud of you. Babette was so sweet and kind and waited for you to make the move. Nice to have new friend.


Good for you. I'm not afraid of dogs, but I imagine that must be so hard because people allow their dogs to go up to people and sniff them or jump on them. My daughter Grace had a photo shoot with a wolf. I imagine you wouldn't want to do that. http://paulita-ponderings.blogspot.com/2016/04/grace-and-wolf.html /"> Here’s a link to the post of Grace with a wolf


It is really a huge step when we can conquer a fear....really impressed that you worked so hard. It's a good lesson for me...



Good for you. I have always been afraid of dogs but find French dogs so much better than American ones. Much calmer. Not as worried about territory or as eager to play. However, yesterday, we were invited to a dinner and a little girl guest was really scared of the dog, a new one in that household. It was a little mop of hair, and she even asked whether it had eyes. I told her that I was scared of dogs, but not this one. Well, shortly thereafter, the owner explained that it was a rescue dog and that it had a biting problem! YIKES

Heather in Arles

Brava!!! This is such a wonderful step forward for you. My Ben is a Golden Retriever. He too has soulful eyes and has helped a few friends that are scared of dogs to trust. It is beautiful to see. Thank you for sharing this with us, it is inspiring!


Love this! And Babette didn't seem to cringe either!

Franca Bollo

Oh, Puff. If I can get over being bitten in the face by a dog, so can you. It will open you up to a whole new world.


Franca Bollo

I think she had jam on her fingers.

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

Perhaps you should screw up your courage to pet Babette on the head before trying to make yourself actually hold her.

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

I agree with Franca Bollo. Musta been jam.
(Hi Franca B!!)

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

Wait. Were you both really bitten in the face, Corey too?

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

"Jenny kiss’d me when we met,
Jumping from the chair she sat in;
Time, you thief, who love to get
Sweets into your list, put that in!
Say I’m weary, say I’m sad,
Say that health and wealth have miss’d me,
Say I’m growing old, but add,
Jenny kiss’d me. "

--Leigh Hunt 1784–1859

[Just substitute "Babette" for "Jenny"]

French la Vie

I believe in diving in, lol.

French la Vie

I wasn't.

French la Vie

If I were bitten in the face I probably would be worse than I am. When did that happen to you? :(

French la Vie

Not even!

French la Vie

SHe is too sweet to cringe, the nicest dog ever.

French la Vie

I will have to meet Ben! Maybe there could be a match making with Ben and Babette. Do dogs mix like that?

French la Vie

Oh scary. Did the little girl try to find his eyes?

French la Vie

It is indeed. It only has taken me 50 Years, lol.

French la Vie


French la Vie

Thank you, it is!

French la Vie

Oh I understand that! Babette doesn't bark. So that helped.

French la Vie

Ah you have gotta lot of love circling you too!

French la Vie


French la Vie

That is what Lisa told me, that most dogs like Babette are gentle souls.

French la Vie


French la Vie

If ever I have a dog it will be one like this

French la Vie

Oh how sad. I imagine how much you miss her. xx

French la Vie

Those two spike teeth, yes they look mean but they really aren't!

French la Vie

Probably true. But that would take a lot to convince me. If the world had more Babette's than I would agree.

French la Vie

Oh that would be as big as holding her!

French la Vie

It certainly is, and it isn't all bad either; Fear helps us too.

French la Vie

Thank you!

French la Vie

You will have to ask her :)

French la Vie


French la Vie

Lisa did a good job of photo journalling the big move.

French la Vie

How frightening! Mauled! Wow you have a very good reason to be afraid. Maybe animals are drawn near you to heal you?

French la Vie

I agree! Babette is!


You are a brave woman....

Franca Bollo

When I was about 11. Honestly, I was more upset at the possibility of having stitches than having been bitten.


Babette is very sweet. I see how she could bring you over to the "dog side."

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