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08 April 2016


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I would sand them down and do a light grey wash. If you paint them a color you will be struck with it, repainting multiplane doors is a real pain the patootie. Been there /done that.

Jacklynn Lantry

I would keep them light, making them dark will stop the eye and visually cut up the space. It's a tiny space, keep the visual flow. Maybe I should come over????:)!


Having acquired french doors at a salvage yard for our remodel, the question is are they all made from the same type of wood with similar grain patterns? If not, I recommend a paint or a wash that reduces or covers the differences in grain patterns so a small space isn't overwhelmed with too many different textures and patterns.


I agree with Jacklynn above. If the walls are white, I would go white for the doors to make them "disappear."

nancy w

Wow! You get to work with G. Lane. Lucky You. I am sure you both appreciate each other.


I always hesitate with an opinion on such matters as it seems everyone has rhe answer - so 1st time offering up my thoughts-I would keep them natural or white or as Yann says a barely there shade- you'll choose correctly-the spirit will move you and it will be peacefully beautiful! - and I love the name Georgianna Lane -is she English- I sometimes wish instead of Georgeanne my mom had called me Georgianna-so pretty!!

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

And by "I went to Lagnes" (which appears to be near Isle-sur-la-Sorgue?) does that me Yann drove you? Or somebody else drove you? Cause that's too far for you to safely drive yourself, I'm thinking.

PS. No opinion on the door finish, just happy for your score and confident in your vision for this place.


My vote is for natural wood with maybe a satiny finish.


What Kipper, Jacklynn and Eileen said...

Lana Kloch

love to be a fly on your wall.. omg.. 30 euros each for 4 doors... your imagination is boundless.. so happy victoria is still photographing there..

thanks for sharing the progress..



may try to send the package again, since it doesn't look like you'll be home soon.. she says sighing


I love all the comments....wish we could all meet.


Jennifer Phillipps

Given all the feedback before me, it seems there is enough to go by, but my 5c worth, is that if the doors are all the same sort of wood and age, then stripping and rubbing with a natural wax/polyurethane would be lovely. Paint them if they turn out to not look so good natural, but I for one think the wood adds a nice warmth to a space, especially if the walls are painted in a neutral colour, the wood adds warmth. Look forward to seeing them in-situ as well.

Our French Oasis

I would definitely strip them down and then give them a pale greyish wash, I would definitely keep them light, the subtle muted colours of the south.

Julia Thelen

Artistically speaking, a dark color amidst light colors (and vice-versa) will automatically draw the eye to it, and continue to do so.
Have you ever had a dark smudge on one of lenses of your glasses? Know you know what I mean.
My advice is to stay with natural wood, or cérusé. I just finished doing a sideboard, and I'm pleased with the result.


strip & see
if in doubt after a while (light light light!!!), give them a lime wash or two before deciding on more. I did that with our old & frankly poorly executed but sturdy and indestructible stairs - it took me ages to find the equivalent paint en français.... If you need to know, I'll be happy to rumage in my basement to find them!

(sorry, haven't read any comments, so apologies if I say the same as all the others)


I painted mine to match t trim on my woodwork. I had a pair made into a kitchen cabinet and painted that to match t other cabinets. It made a nice floor to ceiling China cupboard.
When will your house be in Victoria?


I would go with wood but if you do paint them I think a white or light color would be the best. I love - love French doors. Thanks for sharing your beautiful adventure. I know whatever you decide it will be beautiful.


I think that sometimes too ! such a nice comment.

Terri N Texas

I agree - strip & see. If the wood looks good, clear sealer. If it doesn't, very light wash of the color of your choice & then a clear sealer. Great find by the way!


Strip or wash/paint but I personally wouldn't go dark . By the way, they are gorgeous !!!


I love them! I would paint them perhaps a crisp white color, but you will know what to do, and if you don't like the color, it's only paint!


Hey….it's opinon.com here..if you decide to do the end wall the accent inky blue.. then the door in the wall should be the same color..it will then read as this wonderful creative and unusual "window/door/wall".
I was taught that dark recedes giving the sense of more space. This will also add a sense of mystery on that side of the room. (think computer screen borders..TV's…iphones etc.)
If the other walls are white I would also agree with others to do a subtle grey wash. If the wood does not take the wash well then paint them white…..I will be there in May!

Janet Eiffel

If you all come to my house
I'll serve tea under the
rose arbor.


Ms Eiffel-where and when I am in then we could come to my house on the New Jersey shore-it is little but what is space among like minded people-I do not have much confidence in my cooking so TAKE OUT IT IS! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could!


Hi, Corey!

I'd leave those doors natural. I think for the space you're working with and just the feel of Cassis, natural will suit best.


French la Vie

Oh gee that is a good point. I assume they are the same wood and grain, as they came out of the same home from the dining room. I will soon find out. Thank you for making me aware of that fact to think about in the future.

French la Vie

"If" is the big question.

French la Vie

I am vvvvvv fortunate.

French la Vie

Georgianne I call you G, don't go changing on me ;)

French la Vie

Observation is yours!!! Yann drove me, and will pick me up. The saint of a man!

French la Vie

Oh I love this a conversation between all you! Yes let's have tea and wine too!!

French la Vie

Thank you. I love each and every comment, how they toss and turn and bob me up and down, as if I were on a little boat on the sea. Where will I go, what direction will I take?

French la Vie

Smudge on your glass, I liked that!
Natural wood, or cérusé, I just learned that word yesterday, and you wrote it today. Funny how that works.

French la Vie

:) Arnelle, my friend Lisa, who's home we photographed today, says inky black too. We had a long conversation about what you said, she is in the same boat as you. May come fast.

Sharon Nicholes

Ok you had me at French doors, wine and tea! You know if you don't like the end result, you can send them to me? Lol. I vote natural.


Even if you go with a color on the walls, the white will make a nice, light contrast on the doors. ;-)


The doors are wonderful. I would leave them natural. So glad you are having fun.


never-- g it is and my name comes from grandpop George grandmom Anne-all ten letters Georgeanne-family history if you will-

Judi Ryba

Hi Corey: well we are all of the same opinion, liked minds. I would white wash the natural wood with a little Annie Sloan or use a lime wax. If you need help I am free all summer. LOL

Franca Bollo

Listen to Gene (that's what I call Diogenes cuz we're that close). He knows whereof he writes.

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