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12 April 2016


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You were in Marseille! I recognize the friend in the picture. Sacha with your glasses looks like: 'Where's Waldo'. Get him to put on a striped shirt and a toque and he'll fit the bill. So much happiness...


Great pictures Corey. Some good ones of you, especially; I like that green you're wearing. Nice that you could all get together.

Chico Sue

Such happiness in these family photos! I cracked up at the pic of Sacha in your glasses. He may want to consider a career before the cameras rather than behind it some day, no?


Corrie... You are truly a gift... I just love how you write...the family bonds are so close. I too have a girl and a boy... My girl now lives in France! And I sure miss her. And I know you know a brocante or two! One day I am going to meet you! I hear your laughter, already fun... and just know you could be my friend! Thank you for your gift of writing and wow your photos too!
xx Vikki

French la Vie

Yes you know the place and the friend! We had raviolis with fig, goat cheese and mushrooms... only missing you!

French la Vie

AH thanks! The green tunic wrap Annie made for me years ago.

French la Vie

I agree, he put on a whole show with my glasses. This is one photo out of twenty. They are funnier an funnier.

French la Vie

thank you! And of course we should meet. What area is your daughter living?

Our French Oasis

Family time, the most precious gift in the world. Lovely photos x

Lisa DeNunzio

Yes, it is that way with children. You love them more and more as time goes on. And just wait until you have grandchildren. Your love will know no bounds. We have just been blessed with a grandchild from each of our children. There is nothing like it........

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

Good eye, Diogenes! Corey is wearing COLOR! (And is matching the wall color too, it looks like.) Sweet that it's from Annie.

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

And of course now I want to see ALL of The Sacha In Round Glasses Show! So amusing.

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

Delightful. Just delightful.
Lots of bottles, love, and not a roach clip in sight.

Paula Tyner

Wonderful photos!!!!!!!!!!!1

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