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09 April 2016


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So lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Kathleen Botsford

Gorgeous and so inspirational. Both of you!


Love her place!...the mix of colors is wonderful. Crazy about that Japanese or Chinese silkscreen in the first photo.


Sounds as though you had great fun today!


Stunning! How special to have so many friends all over the world from blogging. How extra special to have the opportunity to do this photo shoot. Can't wait for the finished product in the magazine.


Thanks for sharing your worlds with us



Stunningly delightful. Thank you so much.

Heather in Arles

Such a visual feast! My goodness. Does Lisa have a blog as well?

Bon fin de week-end...


So much eye candy. What stunning visuals.

Laurie Woodward

Hi Corey, I saw your mom today at walmart with a pretty bouquet for your dad. I told her a friend was having a baby boy today. Elijah Ray was born around 3pm. Bought a copy of Victoria and am reading tonight. Please come to my house when you visit. Beautiful cool day here. Laurie, friend of your cousin Mary. Xo

La Contessa

SAN FRANCISCO...............where have you been hiding HER!Did she marry a FRENCHMAN TOO.........HOW GREAT YOU TWO HAVE EACH OTHER.I think LISA and I would GET ON WELL!!!!!!!!!!


So very pretty! I can't wait to see the magazine! Thank you Corey for the stunning photos. You are so very talented also and give your followers such pleasure!

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