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31 May 2016


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That outdoor patio is wonderful. Love the interior pictures too. What a lovely place!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so beautiful!


My husband and I love to drive around in the Ardeche, it is just north of us when we are there. So remote and peaceful! He often rides his bike up there as well, it is a cyclists paradise!! What a lovely home your friends have...it's what dreams are made of!!


Oh the glimpse is gorgeous. I did find sheets in France with my initials. Lucky find.

Teresa Young

What a beautiful experience....thanks for sharing, T&D

Sharon K

Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences.


Simply stunning... What a treat!


It was worth the trip and getting lost and found...
Blessed are the gatekeepers, and God has richly blessed your friends,

Shelley Noble

Loved this. Loved the concepts. Learned something.

Chico Sue

What a gorgeous experience! And your description does the hameae proud.

Our French Oasis

It looks absolutely stunning, I don't know the Ardeche at all, but as it is only three or four hours from us, I keep thinking it is an area we should visit. It's so easy to get lost in rural France, the best bit is getting lost on purpose and discovering all sorts of fascinating places that seem to exist right under our noses and yet remain firmly hidden!


Merci...Corey! I thank you for the beautiful and kind words discribing our little corner of paradise.
X times 3

Suzette Bannister

Spectacular! Each property is unique in its own special way and I love your descriptions. Perhaps Arnelle will let you return and you can take more photos to share with us!


Beautiful! Love how t French set t table, would love to see more of that!
What an amazing place!


Another thought, how do you get lipstick out of the lovely white napkins? I have some embroidered ones lm afraid to use.

La Contessa

WHAT will WE Leave behind........MASSES of cell phones and computers!
WHAT A TREAT........does she come back to SAN FRANCISCO half the year?I want to MEET HER!Their home is STUNNING.............LUCKY YOU and FH.
NOw, as I sat yesterday with a stack of magazines in MY GARDEN with temps in the high 80's and the JASMINE swimming about my nostrils......I OPENED VICTORIA MAGAZINE.As I went page by page and I haven't done that for a VERY long time cause THEY LOST something to me years ago...........I was SO HAPPY!THen I TURN The PAGE and I think THAT LOOKS FAMILIAR!YOUR APARTMENT in PARIS is BEAUTIFULLY displayed in their pages.............the only difference for me is it has MORE STUFF AND A SOFA!I canNOT wait to show the BOYS!
I would DEFINITELY say YOU have ARRIVED!!!
I LOVED EVERY INCH of the MAGAZINE...............XX


Wow; I stayed in hameau de Veaux in 2004; how lucky they are to be able to join all of it together. Amazing. I love the connections made via the blog. I'm getting back to blogging . . .


So happy and excited to see these photos - lucky me will be visiting Arnelle and Roger in 3 weeks! Your description and photos have created a dreamy anticipation! I'll be in Cassis in early July Corey - maybe time to meet in person for Apero?

Teddee Grace

Love, love, love this house! Perhaps one day we can enjoy even more photos.

kathleen short

stunning! they are very lucky custodians!


Oh. My. Gosh.

I'm in the ER from the head injury I received when I fainted looking at those pics! Jkjk

Please have them sell me their place, but you know my budget!

Xoxoxox Mari


I think if they agreed, that you could take photos for a wonderful magazine article about their hamlet. I would love to see many many photos of their place.


So beautiful, Corey. The piece that truly "stuck" with me today is the phrase "What we leave behind"...something to consider deeply each day, for sure.

French la Vie

Hi Mari, You nut! xxx C

French la Vie

I would love to do just that!

French la Vie

YES! Early July is good!

French la Vie

Hi Tut Tut!!! So good to see you again. My friends are near the Veaux.

French la Vie

Hi Contessa, Yes you stayed there before I barely had a bed! Big difference. I will pass your email on to Arnelle when I see her.x

French la Vie

White vinegar and dishwasher soap.

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

1. Please return and visit them again, so you won't be so overawed next time and will take many more photos for us to pant over.

2. The painting in the deep recess in the dining room!!

3. For someone who "didn't take photos", the many you did take and posted here are wonderful.

4. No pictures of "the beads on the kitchen door, or of the basement, or of our walk down to the old laundry and water source, or of the king's soldiers burial ground, or of the homemade chocolate prune cake or of the bleu cheese fig crackers"???? But. But. I wanted to see all these things.

You tease you.

Catherine Berry (But you are in France, Madame)

Hello, I have just stumbled across your blog through "An Accidental Blog' (how appropriate!) and am excited to have a look around. This was a lovely first impression. Thanks, Catherine

Ana María

Amazingly beautiful home! Thank you Corey, for taking us with you!


This is totally über-magnificent. Not only have your friends the absolute 'super taste' in their 'furnishing' but obviously also the means to entertain the wonderful beauty they live in. I so often see a display of much money and sadly, a great lack of taste. Arnelle and Roger even have a beautiful and healthy view of 'what is ours to care for and what are we going to leave'... I love them dearly, just from your post.
And BTW; you KNOW you'll have to go back to them and take the rest of the photos, you do, don't you?! :)
Thank you for this lovely and heart-warming post. I got all warm with the warmth & happiness emerging from your words and photos.


Arnelle; this is SO heart-warming.... Love what you and Roger did and do. And I love your 'view of things to be & to come'. Thank you so much


Oh thank you

Debby H

Hmmmm. I'm thinking a stop on the French Muse Retreat, eh? Looks so lovely and relaxing. I understand how you could get lost in the serenity. Sometimes taking pictures seem to disturb the peace and quiet. You just want to absorb the environment to remember. And I think you did that.


Wonderful I will email you

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

Mari, when Corey gets her friends to sell their place for YOUR budget, could I move in with you please?

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

Does Arnelle have a blog, btw?


What a beautiful space. Thank you for the peek!

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