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04 May 2016


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It is amazing how a coat of paint can make all the difference. It is so much fun to watch this unfolding.

Beautiful scenery. Heaven!

Has he installed the new windows?
White primer has certainly made it look light/airy.

It is becoming something of amazingness! I know not a word, but it is. Just beautiful!

Every time I see your photos of your new home and the view of Cassis, all I can do is sigh. So beautiful and the Mediterranean blue of the water and the colorful fishing boats.....

I am so happy for you all. Truly you deserve it but we do not always get what we deserve it so does my heart good to see you and Yann so happy. Blessings.

Just beautiful. I visited a bookstore in Barrington, R.I. USA and read the article about you and pied a terre Paris in Victoria Magazine. What a treat. You're famous!

It looks fantastic. I think the color that's already there (the white) looks about as good as it will get for color. It makes it open, airy, light as a feather, and will accommodate any style of furniture.

I'm not all about white, but I love it in your fisherman's cottage; so fresh and perfect for the seaside! Rene's craftsmanship is amazing; how fortunate you are to have him.

Totally agree about them making the place open, airy and light, in spite of what boded to be the exact opposite.

thanks again for sharing the progress.. i am simply blown away to see your vision come to life with the exceptional talents of renee.

you can move mountains and make treasures.. your dreams become reality.. your strength and love comes through your words...

you are a constant inspiration to me..

bravo corey amaro..

i am bless to count you among my friends..

lana cano kloch

Dearest Corey,

Once again I am in awe of what you accomplish and how grace works with you. In this case your Rene. I view the "Days Progress" and all I can think of is the minimalist look at the moment and of Matisse's Chapel at Vence. I have not been there but hope to before my life is over. I have walked in front of your port "Chapel" five years ago without knowing it at the time. I will in the future think of this apartment as Corey's
blessed Chapel in Cassis. Your Rene and family are the grace which delivers it to you.
Thank you, so very much for my daily Provencal visit.
Jacque Lynn

I cannot believe how much has been achieved in a relatively short time, your team are amazing! That first coat of paint marks the start of the very last stage, you are so nearly there!

What a difference indeed! So exciting.

Love love LOVE the all white!!! Expansive..heavenly..feather light.

Oh...... The amount of light bouncing around in there now is amazing! Beautiful!

What a most beautiful space is unfolding - with ideas translated by such skilled craftsmen - wow! Beautiful, wonderful, oh so alive and bright this space is becoming. What a treat to come along for the journey with you.

Suddenly it looks huge !
Can't wait to see those stairs.

Such a beautiful view, Corey. My brown eyes are turning green!

You are lucky to have such talented artisans transforming your new retreat.

It's so light, airy, lovely!

And those photos of the water and all: oh my.

Today I have on my flouncy black and white skirt, black top, black leggings, black sandals. I told David "these clothes make me want to go to France!"


Oh, my word! It's beautiful! What a difference a simple coat of paint can make. You are so blessed.

What a difference the white made! It's so light & airy. The white adds dimension, visually, that makes the space look twice as big. What fun to watch your work unfold. Renee is truly amazing! As are you!

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