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06 May 2016


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and for those not in relationships-may they find the partnership and love.... which adds all those beautiful aspects to life!

Gosh, I met my husband 31 years ago! Sure doesn't seem that long, which is probably a good sign.

This summer will mark 36 years I met my best friend. It was a beautiful first day on campus and it hit me like a thunderbolt.

Thor and I are HS sweethearts. His parents moved to our small town the summer before his Senior year. He was a year older than I, we met in church, then he took 6 months before finally asking me out on New Year's Eve. We went with a bus full of church folks, leaving at 2:30a.m., to see the Rose Parade. We sat next to each other and talked the entire way then promptly fell asleep and never saw the parade. The Bishop of the church was on the bus and joked "Well, you two are going to have to get married now that you have slept with each other in front of the whole congregation!" I wanted to die of embarrassment! 2 years of dating, and 4 months after I graduated HS -we were married.

It will be 40 years for us in November!

My husband and I met in H.S. We married when he got home from the service. He passed away 3 years ago. We were married 50 years ago this month. Sure miss the snuggling. Snuggle every chance you get :)

Met Farmboy husband 50 years ago in March. A half freakin' century ago! Where's the time gone?

P.S. Did you two crazy kids go dancing this evening, for old times' sake?


Beautifully said. Almost every day your writing amazes me Corey. Happy 30 years.

I met my husband 42 years ago March 16th. We will celebrate 40 years of marriage in June. I love your blog Corey. We are lucky gals.

What a beautiful message. I have some friends here who have been a couple since CE2 (3rd grade), now in their mid-40s, with 3 kids, still happy. So sweet.

i never tire of your sharing your love story.. how improbable it was.. yet.. the fairy tale continues... you two have journeyed through so much and remain so strong.. you have raised 2 wonderful children who i adore.

and you have added so much to our lives with your columns, photos, and poetry..

my life is so much richer because of you..

steve and i have been married 34 years.. it seems like yesterday...he is a man of enormous strength and integrity.. i pinch myself often.. hope i enhance his life as well.

sending hugs dearest corey and yann on your special anniversary..

Corey you could not have said it better. I have known Aussie man since we were children, started going out at 17, married at 20. 51 years later like a pair of comfy slippers!!!

Such a lovely post to wake up to. We have been together 22 years and have been married for 20. Five children aged 9 to 19. Still as happy as the day we first met and still best friends, I feel extremely blessed.

Met my French hubby 43 years ago, one month after my 16th birthday. Celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary in December.
What a ride!

Merci Merci Merci, ca me donne du courage, avec des larmes d┬┤esperances dans les yeux, Tina d ┬┤autriche.

48 years, we met in HS

I unite my hopes and wishes with yours-

I met Vlad on August 19th, 1982.

congratulations Corey and Yann!
Your story, shared with so many of us, inspires that spark of hope that finding a partner for life is always a possibility.

We met almost 50 years ago when I was a freshman and he was a junior in college. in November, we will celebrate our 46th anniversary.

Beautifully said Corey!

I am amazed at how many people have been together for 30, 40, even 50 years!

We recently celebrated our 44th and your sentiments in your post express my feelings exactly.
A full ride indeed and grateful for every mile. Joyeux Anniversaire­čîĚ

What a beautiful way to share your special day together.

Congrats Corey and Yan - and thank you for sharing such sweet thoughts!
Kirk and I met 44 years ago, on December 9 (and have now been married nearly 43 years! For decades, on the day we met, I would dress in the evening in what I was wearing that 70s night, when I was playing in a concert...black palazzo pants, a silver dolman sleeve top, a silver and black bauble of a choker...the kids loved it ;) And like you, all these years later our thoughts are certainly "mostly gratitude"!

We have been married for one happy happy month. However we did live together for 15 years prior to this. One day recently, my husband ( I am still getting used to saying this) said "I want you to be my wife and I want to be your husband. Will you marry me." So we did.
May I add that we are both 68.
Best wishes to you both for your anniversary.

We were married for 36 loving and devoted years. I have been without him now for 18 months. The evening he left us I opened a bottle of champagne that I had put on ice for that very occasion. When given his prognosis it broke my heart that we would never again share a glass together and so I toasted him for the love he had shown us and to wish him well on his next journey. Today our son and DiL announced our first grandchild will be with us before Christmas. Oh, how happy he would have been.

What a beautiful, fun way of remembering. (Oh, to fit into those clothes again)

Only the first 20 years are hard, Jacklynn. After that, it's all strawberries and champagne.

I'm heading into a second marriage and it's been 3 years. Very blessed.

Congratulations and many blessings to you both. A gem of a pairing to be sure.

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