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01 June 2016


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He looks Welsh in the photo, what with the hat and carrying leeks. I guess the good thing about it is now he will buy a new hat and raincoat?

Jacklynn Lantry

What goes around comes around, he kept them long enough so they are now highly sought after Men's vintage clothing items!


Sad that someone would steel it, but maybe they really needed it. Who knows, but we can hope.


are you sure it wasn't the kids?

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

How very curious. Were there other things in his pack that didn't get stolen? I hate it when people steal things.

Remember the lyrics to that old Joni Mitchell song?

"Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Til it's gone!"


Well, I happen to LIKE the coat & hat, and see nothing funny about them at all. It's a shame they were stolen, but I hope Yann get find identical replacements!


Erratum: ...I hope that Yann CAN find...


Um, I also like his vintage hat. I would wear it, lol.


If only you had more rain in La-La-Land...


How sad someone felt the need to steal!?!? But you will always have such fun memories of the hat & coat! & obviously him loving both! :)

Our French Oasis

How sad that someone saw th need to steal a raincoat and hat. My Father had a hat that was very similar, I cannot remember him ever wearing anything else my entire childhood, it was very much a part of who he was!

Chico Sue

Do you think Sacha and Chelsea were on that same train? Naaaaaah!

Taste of France

Let's hope whoever took them really needed them and is giving them another few decades of use.
And if this is what it takes for your man to buy something new, well, hope he lives it up!


I just thought for a moment you were talking about my Hero Husband... lol - same story - he's still wearing an English trench (typical raincoat with 'pattes, ceinture' etc and it WAS lovely for many, many years. Then we bought another one, in a lighter, cream tone - beautiful and still like new. HH wears this old (well over 20yrs old) one AND a battered rain hat as the very same Yann is wearing on the photo.
I shall ask him when he has a RV which asks for a TGV trip (he has a few coming up) to please take his old gear with him.... as chances are good that they get stolen! Sad story really but one we only hear too often. The only puzzle in this is that TGV's don't have many stops and it would be quite difficult to run off with somebody's clothes - or has he been watching his suitcase (as I do at the few stops between Paris and my destinatiion)? In any case, this gives you a chance to do some serious shoppping and you might find something in those great colours we so much love to see our man in!!!!

French la Vie

If he can find the same he will.

French la Vie

yes that is probably true.

French la Vie

lol! No they weren't on the train.

French la Vie

Nothing else was stolen. xx

French la Vie

I liked the coat, but the hat not so much. Yes he has to find the same I sure he will.

French la Vie

If I find one I am mailing it to you!

French la Vie


French la Vie

So true x

French la Vie

Yes that is how I feel, it was a part of him too.

French la Vie

lol, no they aren't mean.

French la Vie

That is another way of looking at it, thanks.

French la Vie

Lol that is a good one to ask your HH to take his abroad the train! Yes the TGV makes one or two brief stops on the run between Marseille and Paris. Whoever did it was fast, and sneaky, most pros are.

Leigh NZ

Maybe it was the Fashion Police and they thought that Yann needed to be saved from himself so they took the offending garments to dispose of...just saying ; )

He does look rather fetching in his hat and the leeks are a nice touch!


A sad story
I have a similar hat in green if he would like

Teresa Young

We will miss it! Every time Dave sees a hat like that here in the states, he puts it on and does his Yann imitation (accent included). He always thinks of Yann saying to him, "Dave, this is my American hat" I can't imagine Yann not wearing it on a rainy day. So sad. Dave said maybe it was a flasher that stole it :!


Saw similar one on Amazon. Google men's bucket rain hat. Won't be the same but might fit the bill.


He looks adorable in his vintage look. My husband is the same when it comes to clothing. I love everything vintage, preferably French, but not so much in clothes. He still has shirts that his darling Mother made him 35 to 40 years ago. I would love to update his wardrobe because he wears clothes so well, but I guess having only 1 "clothes horse" in the family is better than two. I adore your blog and dream of life in Provence.


I guess the hat and raincoat had served their time with French husband and had decided it was time to move on . . .


Corey I have only two words.....DIVINE INTERVENTION !!! xxxx


Love the "outfit" in the photo - surely the person who has it now will stay dry when it rains - I am hoping they were truly in need, makes the taking less dreadful - and that they only took these two items, seems likely they wanted/need them. Now what fun to be on the search for replacements. The hat is, to me, wonderful!

Joanne Tuchman

It's not just the loss of items one cares about...it is the feeling of personal invasion when an outsider enters your world and you suffer from their actions. It's not the monetary loss but the emotions that follow that are the biggest impact.


I love that hat. I used to have one like it. I wonder what happened to it. It disappeared along the way. I hope it is making someone else's children groan and laugh.

Ann in UK

Perhaps the thief had listened to the weather forecast. So sad for Paris.


I like the Inspector Clouseau look. It's sad and upsetting someone would steal it. Looking forward to seeing the replacement.


No more inspecteur Clouseau (Pink Panther)...

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

You'll mail a new/old hat to Diogenes instead of giving it to Yann?

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

And were there items of far greater value than a coat and hat in it? Sorry! How's Yann taking it?

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

I think this is the answer. A flasher needed it.


Oh, I'm so sad for French Husband! I understand and know that even if he found ones the same, they would not bring the same touch to the heart.

Leigh NZ

Hahaha...Exactly what I was thinking!

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