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07 June 2016


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i'll say it again: i love your writings and photos.. they transport me to another time and place often.. i was inspired by your "diamond" adventures, when i found this new post.

would not change your passion for a second... you share your love for brocantes with so many...

my home is stuffed to the rafters from combing many antique stores... wishing i had many homes to stage... your artistic and unique eye for staging is "beyond"..

readers, please stay in corey's paris apartment or go on a shopping tour with the french muse... and visit the brocantes of provence..

you are the best..

Totally understand.
I'm on a rotation system now.
Some things just have to rest in
the garage every so often so
something else can come in the
house for a while.
I love lamps......Wow! Do I love lamps.

You said it, sister! Same bug here.

Yes, you have it bad. I would have had a hard time passing the chairs. Chair addiction! Doesn't either of your children need chairs or a cabinet?

I opened a shop so I could keep buying everything I love... !
Although I always seem to be wishing for a bigger shop for everything I want to buy!

Sell the amazing finds like those to your antique dealer friends? Sounds like there was enough margin to take a cut for yourself for finding the great items using your well-honed designer eye.

Maybe there's a Brocante tip-line you could call in with hot leads for things!?

I so understand your brocante bug. Let me tell you my cure, I take all the children to the brocante with me, invariably they will say NO, sigh a few times and say NO again, they stop me buying so many things! Without them our house would be overflowing with furniture instead of children!!!

Oh how I wish you could have slipped those chairs in an envelope and posted them to me in South Africa! Chairs we really do need here, we never have enough for our festivals and our rather motley selection of chair pairs is well worn after so many years of family life!
Must be so frustrating to find beautiful bargains that you can't buy!

I'm so sorry you left them behind! The first time one guy I dated came into my apartment in Phoenix, he looked around and calmly said..."You could start hanging things from the ceiling."! I kid you not. I eventually got to see his parents' home. His mother didn't hang things from the ceiling, but she didn't have good taste either. So there! What's going on with your little apartment renovation?

Killer, but I love your kitchen. Can we see pictures?

I feel your pain. I am now on restriction until I can get a bigger house. Or better yet, a house in Provence!

Yep, I mentally move furniture around in other people's homes too.

Self control sometimes is NOT fun. Bad, bad brocante bug.

So where are the photos of these items you fondly kissed goodbye???

Or, is this an old post and you're off doing something fun in the now?

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