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21 August 2016


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Good thing I was sitting down! Especially like the yellow painting.

Jacklynn Lantry

Holy Cow! If anyone can make it work, you will...and we'll all be converts when you're done;)

nancy w

For me, if you are going abstract in the artwork area, I would definitely go LARGE as you have done. It should make you look. I like them.

Leigh NZ

I can't wait to see how you tie the paintings in with the the decore, Fascinating to see you include some modern with the old.


Love the paintings, especially the second one. I love that you are experimenting with a modern twist.

Laurie SF

You have created a beautiful, simple, space. Bravo! The large contemporary pieces are lovely.


Gorgeous! Great Eye!

Chico Sue

Congratulations for taking a leap in another direction! It is fun to do once in awhile. Mix it up I say!!!


Love them both! You've brought the sun and the deep blue sea right into the apartment.

Our French Oasis

Ancient/vintage and modern work rather well side by side, they compliment each other, as Leigh said, looking forward to seeing how you include these two pieces.


Corey, I love both paintings. I have no doubt you'll be able to make it all work splendidly. You always do.


Nicely said.

Taste of France

How exciting. It's even better that you got to meet the painter. Did he tell you what he was expressing, or did he want to leave it completely to you?




I too love them both, you will never tire of them. Good decision.


Evelyn said it perfectly!!! Can't wait to see the finished apartment.


Corey, You have selected two outstanding pieces of "modern art" and I am sure they will both be fantastic in the Cassis abode. I am so looking forward to seeing how you put your magic touch to work in creating wonderfully alive living spaces in this apartment. Bravo! your brave choices are stand out beautiful.


I love the mixture of abstract art and antiques....past and future. A whole new vibe.
Fabulous...can't wait to see more of Cassis House.
Please do a post on the artist...he sounds interesting.



I mix modern with antique in my home (isn't that very French?)... I love the tension between the two.

pc brown

I love abstract, and I love mixing things up a bit in a home, tiny surprises that both shock and please. The knowing of the artist only adds to the pleasure when you gaze at the paintings. I can visualize both paintings in the space and the lightness they will bring.

The top one reminds me of darting seagulls in a bright sky (I always wonder how they avoid smacking into each other up there!) In my mind I can actually hear all the noise they're making. The bottom one makes me wander quietly back into the country during dusk or dawn when there is light and shadows in cypress and olive trees with those bright pops of the sun that make you shift your line of sight to avoid the blinding white of that dominating sun that time of day, small cottages, the calm that comes from country living, the coolness in the colours. I love this one!

The deal with abstract is how fun it is to interpret what is there, and what is not! Instead of an artist forcing their opinion or view on us to see a particular theme or object, they allow *us* the viewer to *feel* an emotion and decide what that may be in the paint! *We* get to create alongside the artist! It always gets your guests talking and guessing, and as time goes by, we begin to see different things we may have missed earlier! Well done!

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

Oh la la indeed.


I love your choices! Always surprising and always classic.


What fun! I remember as a kid going to the Sidewalk Art Show along Telegraph Avenue between Dwight Way and Allston Way, seeing for the first time (and learning to appreciate) abstract paintings. The Show was, alas, never quite the same after it had to move to suburban El Cerrito Plaza, owing to expansion of the University campus down Telegraph to Bancroft :-(


Your eye is your eye. The paintings are truly fabulous! They will be wonderful in any space you make. Your taste is superb.


How wonderful to do something scary! I can't wait to see them on the walls. I just know they will look amazing.

Deb Archer

I love the colors and the scale of these large paintings. You have an unerring eye, it will work.


Shock no - Fabulous! The beginning of many things!


Well.... you bought them from an antique artist ;)

Buying art that attracts you is what it is all about. Love them!


Fabulosity ... and if in the end they don't work for you ... surely there will be something to take their place ... though I highly doubt it would be necessary!!! How fun to do the unexpected!

Faith McLellan

I love the purple one, which I saw today! It is AMAZING!

Brenda Locklear

Hope you and Yann can live with both paintings...just not my cup of tea....

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