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01 September 2016


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I am sure the finished product will be spectacular. The peeks into this special place are wonderful. Love the painting.

I am excited beyond words!! Will be making my month long booking very soon! It's looking so light and beautiful and I adore the big doors into the bathroom. Please post more photos as things progress, love everything! X

I LOVE EVERY LITTLE THING ABOUT IT!! The ceiling the Monet wall everything and the painting too! love it much!!

Leigh good for you a month long stay HOW WONDERFUL!

I was tempted to leave the bare plaster in our renovation, but it looks so great painted that I don't have regrets.
Is that wood or tile-like wood on the floor?

Laughed out loud when I got to the brocante in all caps! Love the doors and the intact walls.

Love the doors, where would we be without Brocantes?! Lucky friends and family, what a great place to stay

Love it!! Also coming to stay!

Coming next year for a painting workshop, hope to meet you!

What will the rates be? Is there a different rate for a long-term let vs a short-term let? What is the calendar like? Already filling up I bet:)

And you still have the basement part to do something with. Perfect!!

Every piece of the renovations is simply delicious. Cannot even imagine how I will swoon when you get finished with your magic decorating touches. Fantastic decision on the "Monet" wall...and the big doors to the bath are outstanding. Now to get my own life for travel figured out so I can get to France.

Wonderful! It will be a dream of mine to rent that space someday. 🌺

Corey, Very exciting ~ I want to be back there! I love the painting of the region the colors will work wonderfully!


Oh to be next door to YOU, a gal can dream.....

Beyond beautiful...so excited for all of us to be able to follow along. Can't wait to see and maybe someday stay....


I remember those doors in your house!

one month......

Charming Charming! Soul food for your visitors!

; )

Ditto, isn't it fab!


I am glad I made you laugh!


Oh where is the painting class?

Email me Jackie and I will send you the details. Yes long term rates are different. xoxox

Hehehe! You are so funny!!

Thank you! I hope you will come visit!


You have a good memory and taste!

Can we say the other half of halfway house?

Hi ALi,
I would like that!

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