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02 September 2016


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Yes, I always thought California would remain my home for life, but after spending over half my life in Oregon I must say Oregon has become my home. I think after my mother passed away that made more of an impact also in the change.


Lucky you to have TWO places to consider home -- although I DO miss my native SF Bay Area every single day, but especially when the weather's nicer there!


I want to come back asap! Let me know when I can book Next door and Cassis a bit too. I know you are waiting to finish up both. Next time I will stay in your area and shorter time in Paris. I will bring many extra suitcases and few clothes as you advised. :)


I call Vancouver home, but for some strange reason my heart has always been part of France...any part of it, even though I've only even there four times! Go figure!


Yes, I understand this dilemma well. I have lived in Zurich for over 20 years with a few years in London in the middle...I have family in California as well. In Chico and Sacramento. We make pilgrimages to visit my family usually around Christmas which is lovely and sad at the same time! I feel Swiss and American all at once... Every time I get on the plane I leave a little part of me behind, no matter the direction I am flying.....

Taste of France

Definitely the same, between France and the U.S. Though I have a soft spot for Kenya, where I lived for two years. Whenever I go to one, I feel like, "Aaah! Home again!"

Our French Oasis

France is my home and where my heart is because my family and children are here, but whenever I return to the UK, the familiarity, so many childhood memories, driving on the left, everyone speaking English - I feel like I am 'home'!


The color in these photos is spectacular !

Teddee Grace

Beautiful photos, Corey!

Linda V

home is never far

measure it
with two

one to here, one back.

( Hard to keep it aligned, would look nice over one of your lovely photos.)


Home is a small island in the Pacific Northwest off the coast of Canada. The first time that I stepped off of a ferry twenty five years ago.....I knew I was home. SaltSpring island is home.



Where my heart is, where my heart is . . . . .

Janet Eiffel

My home has been California for many years.
But a piece of my heart still lives in Canada.


The picture of the water and reflections reminds me of the abstract painting you just bought! You have an amazing eye for beauty.


I have lived in Indiana for almost 23 years, yet it does not feel like home. My heart is only here because my children and my spouse are here and I have a job I love. After all this time, Maine is still "home". Some days are harder than others. Despite that, I am blooming where I am planted.

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