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22 December 2016


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This year I am making a cranberry lime tart with a gingersnap crust. It was from one of the latest issues of Bon Appetite. My cousin made it for Thanksgiving and it was both delicious and beautiful. I usually make a chocolate strawberry tart and I have a feeling I may be asked to make that as well. All will be happy!

My son-in-laws birthday is on Christmas day, so there is something chocolaty and cake. In the morning I also make a German Stollen. That usually is it. By Christmas I have had too much sweets. There is some fruit cake in the refrigerator too. How I would love your buche de noel.

You are the best cook ~ I need this recipe please when you have time I know you are busy now. I have tried to make one before but it did crack too much. I like the ganache fix ~ xo, g

I'm making Nantucket cranberry tart (more like a cake) and Creme brûlée or maybe a lemon tart as a friend gave me wonderful lemons from Arizona. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Pecan pie!

...because I don't much like pumpkin and I can't stand mincemeat, which were the two standbys for my father's family's holidays. When I was a kid, I'd take the tiniest slivers possible, smother them in clouds of Chantilly cream, then eat only the cream!

great story about what we once called the "ugly american"...

what did you end up doing? yann would love anything you make.. omg.. he was 24..

ahh.. wonderful memories of you both..

Bourbon balls. My Mother's recipe. She made them every CMAS.

Always a bûche de Noël, despite being British I have never liked the traditional English Christmas pudding and we have had a bûche since as far back as I can remember. A very Merry Christmas to you an all your readers x

Impressive, Corey. If this were last week, I might have given it a try. I have always wanted to. Maybe next year. I am making chocolate expreso cheesecake and peppermint brownies. I'm making your chestnut soup for Christmas Eve a tortiere.
Joyex Noel

I ordered a Buche de Noel from the baker in town:) I love all this stuff, bourbon balls, fruitcake, stollen...ok Corey, dessert party at your place!

Spectacular and mouth watering. Yum. I'm in charge of dessert this year and am making my chocolate raspberry trifle , served with heavy cream. Heaven. Merry Christmas, Corey.

Christmas cookies. One year I made a Buche de Noel but everyone kept asking "why does the cake look like a log?" Never made it again.

Haha that man's request makes perfect sense to me.
I should draw a map like that. Did you get his address per chance?

That was over thirty years ago. I found him to be so rude I did not ask him anything.

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