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30 December 2016


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You're killing me

"Life is uncertain, so eat dessert first" :-)

OUCH! Those English translations from Cappello's website seem to have been performed by computer (and not in a good way) -- which only goes to show that the necessity for human translators is not endangered any time soon :-)


These desserts are really unbelievable. What a wonderful find. I had a feeling the food would be superb in Sicily! Thanks for sharing your discovery.

Whose elegant hands are those in the last photo?

Would love it if Chelsea actually responded here. Of course she's texting you nonstop or something instead.

I wish that David or I had some of your magic for finding wondrous places to eat. Our selections over the years have ranged from "WOW" to "well, at least we're not hungry anymore."

Drooling here!

Your wish came true, I am totally jealous. I read your post while eating a cupcake that I made myself...from a mix...oy vey.

Thank you for all your posts and photos about Sicily. I have relatives in the Palermo area whom I never met and hope to some day. Passe une Bonne Annee! Merci!

Oh my, those desserts and beverages, so delicious visually, at least the calories cannot come off the screen. Beautiful, marvelous treats, for sure.

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