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29 December 2016


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Lovely! I will add Sicily to my list of trips I want to take!


This is on my Bucket list. My Grandmother Martha, her father is from Lercara. Actually my grandmothers maiden name is Martha Lercara. I so wanted to take her back to Lercara, unfortunately she has passed. One day I'll be their with my family.


A beautiful photo of you in your layers. You inspire. Love your travels in Italy. Wishing I was tere.


Oops! Wishing I was "there". Did you buy a 1 euro house to renovate?

Jan D-M

You wear blanket well. :) Beautiful picture of you. Thank you for sharing southern Italy.


DROOL: I can almost smell those fried artichokes from here!!!

French la Vie

Nicole, I still guard your grandmother's caponata recipe that you shared with me. I thought of you when Yann had a pizza with that topping. xxx

French la Vie

Oh if only!

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

I quite like seeing Sacha's watermark on the photo of you.

Wonderful layering! Grey on grey on grey. And warm. (and I'm delighted that the image enlarged on my screen for more details when I clicked on it.)

Fran Ferrari

Love this! My family is from Termini Imeresi. Monreale Church is amazing. Enjoy and thank you for sharing good experiences in Sicily!

Chico Sue

This post drove me crazy with a desire to be teleported to Sicily immediately and eat until I burst. Your visual descriptions of the food were the spot on and tantalizing.
The photo that Sacha took of you is a lovely vision.
Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer Phillipps

I too heard about the houses available for free in Gangi, via a BBC programme. They would give you a property if you undertook to repair and remake it back to its best. I thought it looked like a wonderful little place....the views from the cities parapets were stunning.
Nice to see your lovely photos and salivate over the food! Early Happy New Year greetings from New Zealand! Cheers

Our French Oasis

Looks so gorgeous and I love your layering, you look fabulous. Hope you have a very happy and healthy 2017 x

La Contessa

THAT MOTORCYCLE little truck is called an APE........
I always wanted to bring one HOME!
I'm SOLD...........
DID FRENCH HUSBAND buy a property?I will be the first to RENT!!!!!


Do I sense a new project in Gangi???? Love the blanket look! Ha!


We, too, are wondering if there's a new project in Gangi! Flying away from delicious Italy today - and will miss it too!
2017 Hugs -

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