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22 January 2017


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One of my favorite quotes: "I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions." One of my favorite art mediums: collage, an assemblage of different seemingly disparate parts that create a new whole.

Fullkommenhet kjjedelig is Sweet Paul's motto on his website. It translates to perfection. Is boring. I tell myself this while doing crafts and have made a few picasslettes..and sold some at yard sales! They have not looked perfect to me, but sometimes the toughest critic is the artist.


One world. "Earth rise":


I've never seen this type of mosaic before. What is the rope-like material which surrounds each ceramic piece?

Your posts are to me what sermons, the best sermons, could be.

Love this, Corey.

Perhaps more ceramic material the broken pieces were set into, textured with tools to make a faux bois look?

The perfect way to illustrate your message.

I have heard the expression but not in this sense..... We prepared picassiettes for an apéro, with lots of amuse-bouche thingies and everyone picked their 'morsels' from them.
Great interpretation of your 'Message of the day'. :)

Thank you, wise and kind, Corey.

There is much beauty in imperfection. A pottery plate that was given years ago to my husband and I was badly broken and badly glued back together. It proved no match for the energetic children growing up in the house who managed to break it more than one. So then my sister suggested 'piccasiette' We broke up the old plate and reglued it back together. Only problem was that we forgot to take a picture of the plate prior to reassembling so that part was a challenge (especially as it contained a recipe written in Italian). Unfortunately the name of the artist, who was a student of Piccasso, was obscured when we reglued and mounted it to hang. In a sense the piece is more valuable and interesting to me now.

Thank you Corey. My Monday morning prayer!!!

yes, thank you, Corey, for once again focusing on the positive and practicing faith. Yesterday's discussion was a learning opportunity. It helped broaden understanding. You have managed to teach a beautiful lesson. Today is a time to go forth with love.

Amen, amen. Merci, thank you dear friend for this beautiful morning prayer. My day is filled now with thoughts of goodness, wholeness and the ever challenging walk of peace.

YOU NAILED IT....................

I will read this post again and again..Thankyou Corey!

Bloggers who abide by the rules of the hosting service (in this case, Typepad) are free to post whatever they wish.

Corey has demonstrated for more than a decade that she considers her posts carefully, and thus regarded her photo essay about the Women's March in Paris as worthy of posting. So if anyone is offended, it's that person's problem, not hers.

What you are seeking to do is to censor Corey because of your own beliefs. If you don't like what she posts, then start your own blog.

Yes, we are indeed one in all our brokenness. Thank you, Corey!

today's post is one of your best.. emphasized by the shards of pottery held together to make a cohesive unit.. the different shapes and colors and sizes represent us.. with all our frailties and hopes.. we march with love..

that the whole world united for such a cause is powerful.. the images of the crowds everywhere sewn together represent how love will conquer what we want.

thank you,


Au contraire, I targeted your point precisely -- that you will not tolerate Corey posting something that offends you.

The point of Saturday's marches around the world was to object to the disrespect for women and their human rights, particularly Donald Trump's oft-stated large and small ways of disrespecting women.

Oh let's get real gals! I read Corey's blog to see photos of hunky and beautiful French husband. Wouldn't leave him for a second to hang in California. French women are notorious for going after any man they want. They have a saying, "the heart wants what the heart wants",and a shrug of the shoulders. Watch out Corey!

Complexity, Gloria? There are so many areas where women are disrespected that were issues being addressed by the march. Yet you focus on one where there is sincere disagreement among women, without regard for the other issues. Your view is single-minded, and the polar opposite of complex.

Lori, that's really disrespectful of both Corey and Yann.

Oh Please. I am just expressing a truth we can see with our own eyes! I'm also expressing myself freely and openly as a woman, as I demand the right to do. Don't stamp on my sexuality and the right to express it any way I please. You are disrespecting me!


If you must disrespect Corey and Yann's marriage, do so on your own blog, not on Corey's.

...although I can't imagine why you'd WANT to disrespect them. That reflects poorly on you, not on them.

Disrespect them? I think they are fabulous!
I think you do not understand the French. Corey is well aware I am sure!

Just reminding you, that as women we must be free to express our feelings no? Sign after sign at the Paris march said we demand respect for our sexuality and our FEELINGS. I feel Yann is a beautiful, beautiful man? Is that not a compliment to Yann AND Corey? The French do not feel it is disrespectful to admire other human beings and we are a sensual country.



Such a beautiful post Corey! I like to look what we have in common and come together as one. There is too much judgement and labeling in this world. I know your heart you have such a gift in writing and expressing what you feel. Thank you! xo

Painted, with hand designed plaster to look like tree branches.

Yes exactly

Thank you.

Thank you Kathie for coming to my defence . Your friendship is appreciated.

Wow. I loved that pottery and also am curious about the rope texture that separates the pieces? What is it? But after reading the comments I feel I must also. First Corey is the sweetest and good hearted not to mention talented person, I know her intentions are pure and reminds us we are one. I have great compassion for all and feel for Gloria as well. Yes I think the women's marches highlight more divisions than unity disputed good intentions and causes. But everyone has a right to their own option. I hope we focus on the good instead of differences. I have also come to have compassion for Trump his family and will focus on his strengths and the good that hopefully he will do. I'm just rambling now but will pray for wounds to heal so friends can come together whatever side they voted with love and appreciation for each other. Yes we are all one.

I was not trying to patch things up. I stand by marching in Paris and will do it again. We are different and as my long time friend Molly said, "I can't stop thinking about how amazing the past couple of days have been. Friday, we saw the peaceful transfer of power---that is our democracy in action, Saturday, we saw peaceful marches---that too is our democracy in action. Some people watched the inauguration and others didn’t. Some people marched and others didn’t. I’d say that having choices is the best example of our democracy in action. While we always have room for improvement, the teacher in me is going to mark our county at “performing above standard”. In other words, I'd say we are already pretty great." https://www.facebook.com/molly.johnson.3158?ref=br_rs

Gloria and LoriB, in bullying circles, what you have been doing here is called "relational aggression." It doesn't look good on either of you. http://www.d11.org/pip/Parents/Mean%20Girls.pdf

Gloria, the subtitle of Corey's blog is "Stories Collected While Living in France;" it doesn't say "I will only share pretty things or what Gloria thinks I should share."

LoriB, your comments about Corey and Yann have no hint of care, compassion, or respect, and you give French women of integrity a bad name.

We all have a story and I marched because of my own story. It you didn't want to march, you were able to stay home. How fortunate for you that you had a choice.

The coming together of an estimated 3,000,000+ women and men worldwide for the Women's March was uplifting and inspiring - and a direct challenge to the extremist speech and lies of "45" and his worst cohorts. It gave me hope.
Thank you for marching. I did and will again.

I love the sentiment that these pieces inspired you to write, but I also was left wishing to see the entirety of the object formed by all those little beauties. Ah well.

Kathie, I'm just now seeing all this mess. Good on you for calling people about disrespecting Corey and Yann.

Well said, Jan D-M.

And here I opened this page (I'm going backward in catching up so haven't seen the FABULOUS march posts yet) and just thought the post was about lovely bits of ceramic.

Instead I find the most shockingly ugly vitriol from your readers that I've ever seen in almost 10 years of following. Ugh.

I support you.
And respect you. And Yann. And French women.

Ditto. Thank you for telling it like it is. Love you!

Well regarding those two people who commented. It was their first time commenting. Thank you for reading and commenting and encouraging me dear Rebecca xx

Love you back.

Beautifully said <3

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