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24 February 2017


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Gosh, it has been such a painful week for some I know that I would say that in a perfect world, people would have hope and not despair.

I am not going to answer because I do not have an answer....but I LOVE ALL THE NUMBERS.....every single one of them-and I adore serendipity I have experienced it many many times in my life-weird stuff-but I can recall each event and I loved the movie too!-Perfect imperfection .....here-but I'll take it!

Fortunately I'm not superstitious, so like "g" I love all the numbers.

Mathematicians find prime numbers (those divisible only by themselves and 1) particularly fascinating.

And who can resist a Baker's Dozen, which gives the customer an extra item for free -- who SAYS 13's unlucky? (LOL!)

P.S. At the risk of being nit-picky, what Corey's displaying here aren't numbers but numerals!

According to Dr. Sheldon Cooper:

"The best number is 73. Why? 73 is the 21st prime number. Its mirror, 37, is the 12th and its mirror, 21, is the product of multiplying 7 and 3... and in binary 73 is a palindrome, 1001001, which backwards is 1001001."


This post made me laugh and smile at several points. maybe a perfect world would have both of those for everyone. And Belgian chocolate samples on every corner .

I love this blog....


love your article today about capturing numbers and how you and yann think alike and sometimes differently.. beautiful photographs and wonderful stories ... you enrich our lives so much.. merci beaucoup

lana cano kloch

Beauty, of course.

I love your postings.
My favorite numbers are 6 8 12 28 and 210 and the lucky number 7 I don't much care for odd numbers and do not like 13.
I love your postings.
I send my love to you

Love Jeanne

Without realizing it, the picture of the painted sign and red iron gate does have numbers. Look beyond the gate and you'll see 088.

Love it!

I don't have a favorite number, but I loved all of your photos. I take similar photos here, too, as I love doors and the numbers above them. I also loved the old sign photo, as I am always on the lookout for them to photograph.

I didn't like the rather plain, enamel house number above my door so I replaced it with a blue enamel one!

I ESPECIALLY LOVE THIS REPLY-math was NEVER my strong subject .... all the terms- prime square root -exponential JUST GET MY HEAD SPINNING -I do know odd even -but numbers are FASCINATING- I LOVE THE ABOVE!


LOVED THIS..........

I think I like the number 11 since I see it everywhere especially on digital clocks etc I see 11:11 so often it freaks me out! I have an uncanny memory for phone numbers..now...if I could just use that talent for making money!! Your pictures are amazing and if the world were perfect I think I would need still need mystery and intrigue:)))

In my perfect world, I would have all that I have now, plus just one little thing---I would have a friend nearby with whom to drink a glass of wine, sip a bit of coffee, giggle a bit and browse the brocantes and flea markets at the drop of a hat or the ring of the cellphone. I live too far away from my kindred spirits.

in a perfect world, no one would ever discuss calories, a commute would last as long as the book on cd but no longer, sleep would always be restful, fruit would always be juicy and sweet

My perfect world would have no housework, no bills to pay, croissants and brioche to eat every day with no worries about calories. No TV and only spring and fall seasons to spend out in nature.

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