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28 March 2017


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Corey you are clever and very good to share your cost saving style ideas. I would never have guessed that the marble bench top is faux.

Can you please show inside the bathroom and also inside the den. Is there a sofa bed in the den and how many does Cassis sleep? Oh and can you also show the entry door from outside...want to see every wonderful inch!


The transformation is astounding. You are an incredible team.

Jacklynn Lantry

I'm still in awe not just at what you've done, but at how you were able to see what it could be when you first walked into that space...genius.

Ana María

I keep repeating the same word: AMAZING!


The arrows are really helpful. ;-) The kitchen looks fantastic! You sure reclaimed a lot of space by removing those stairs.

What is on the other side of the purple arrow where the new entrance is?

Taste of France

Major changes! How did you make the stairs from the street arrive on the right side of the room instead of the left?

Leslie in Oregon

There are two purple arrows in your photograph: one light and one darker. Which is where the new entrance is, and what does the other purple arrow signify? To exit the building, does one go out the new entrance, down stairs outside the apartment but in the building (that didn't exist before?) and out a front door to the building? It has been, and still is, fascinating to follow this amazing transformation and try to envision the specifics of how it worked.

Our French Oasis

Wow, you really had incredible vision. It really is fabulous and I love the black kitchen, the vinyl rug is fabulous too, it would have looked excellent in tile, but I can understand Yann's worries! Thanks so much for sharing every detail this, I am so enjoying seeing it.

French la Vie

Hi Leigh, I will show the entire house. The house can sleep four.
xx C

French la Vie

Thank you, we all got along very well.xx

French la Vie

When I first walked in we knew we had to buy it because of the price and the view. Then I freaked. Then slowly it came together. The walls had to come down in order to have space and light.

French la Vie

I keep smiling everytime I hear your encouragement xx

French la Vie

It is the restaurant's storage area, We made an opening for the doorway, and now we are "cleaning" the entrance and stairwell.

French la Vie

There is another entrance, which connects to the restaurant's storage space. We are using some of their space to make an entrance, and we already made a doorway.

French la Vie

Hi Leslie, The darker purple is where the new entrance is, the other purple one is the old stairwell going up to the second floor that we took out, it is also where we replaced a beam. Yes, the new entrance goes into a storage space for the restaurant that we are using, we are in the process of renovating it, there is another entrance with stairs going outside.

French la Vie

Thank you. I love the renovating process. Yann has a hard time seeing what it could look like. But he is a genius when it comes to finance, contracts, the details of electricity, the "infra-structure", the codes... we are a good team. I have the fun part :)


Oh my yes and what a team you two are! Do you plan to continue
Buying and remodeling projects? Does Renee speak any English?

Teresa Cesario

It's just stunning Corey. You inspire us everyday! We love you


A fab team indeed - just amazing! Remembering our toast to the new space when it was just all beginning...by that gorgeous view ;)


What an totally amazing vision and transformation; your teamwork continues to inspire and delight as the stories unfold. The Paris apartment, and this fisherman's house in Cassis are total transformative visual experiences. Wow! Amazing isn't even a big enough word for me.


It's beautiful Corey, you r a genius when it comes to design!

Barbara S.

It is all so inspiring, Corey. I am amazed that you have chosen such a modern style when I think of all the old brocante things that take your fancy. Regards to Renee. Wish I had such a wonderful renovator here on the Island! Also your wonderful minister of finance.....


Wow! Looks great! Beautiful work!

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