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18 March 2017


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Très bien, Sacha!

Well done Sacha. Corey you're so chic, and follically gifted too:) I would LOVE to be your personal photographer! We'd start with your outfit, your shoes of course, and the hair! Then on to the eye...I would try to get the photos to "see" through your eyes...ohhhh this would be a fun project!

Tre chic and look good as always!

Your hair is beautiful! I always am sorry when I get my hair cut. It will grow! In the meantime, I think it's gorgeous!

you're brilliant.. what a great idea to have the professional cinematographer come along to take pictures with you unawares.. love today's blog..

and by the way, your hair looks longer than before; funny how when you cut it, it looks longer..

you are beautiful inside and out..


lana cano kloch

What a fun way to spend a day with your son!

Really enjoyed the photos of you doing your thing including your post about how you can shop for us at the brocante and we can go along for the ride so to speak.

I thought your hair was looking shorter...as long as you can still put it up when you wish; it grows so fast.

What a treat to see you in action - no posing, just doing your thing...great photos by Sacha. What a grand mother-son adventure.

Did you buy the men on the train photo?

Your hair is Fabulous at any length! So thick, silky, shiny, healthy and so pretty. I envy! xo

I was thinking how pretty your hair looked!

I think your hair looks lovely. Thank you to Sacha. I would have purchased the number stamps and fed my paper addiction too. Would not have been able to pass up the teddy bear. I think the bow would have sold me.

This looks like such fun and you have a fabulous jacket on! I love your hair by the way!

Oh how much I wish I was there with you! licking the window and eating crepes from those folks at the end of the street.
I found a spoon on the street after the brocante closed one day. I took it home and hung it on the wall in my kitchen with a little note "Paris 2014" under it.

The little stuffed bear with the blue bow looks like he's shrugging his shoulders in that French fashion, wryly acknowledging that his days as some child's favorite are long past. This makes me sad of course, or wistful for him to have a new child.

What a perfect way to be recorded -- without knowing that photos are being taken. (Sort of, since you asked him to take pics.) Still, to not freeze into awkward, unnatural smiling poses is the best. And then to be able to cull out the unfortunate shots, with weird fleeting expressions and double chins and whatnot. I like this idea of how to be photographed at the brocante, or in whatever milieu one enjoys!

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