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24 March 2017


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Ah - Maze - Ing!

It is fabulous! You have the decorating gene for sure. Now you know you can do any style. Even your friend, Nathalie, has a Contemporaine apartment. Hope you will be renting it out next year. We are planning on coming to Barcelona and want to go back to Collioure so only a few more miles to see your apartment. Congratulations! It was worth waiting for.

It is beautiful!

Yes, definitely AMAZING! and Wonderful too!

Oh Corey it is spectacular. From the artwork to the color of the accent wall, the curves, the iron. You mastered this modern style and it looks stunning! Can't wait to see it live!

Simply stunning, Corey! I do not have the ability to envision what something "could" be. You have that ability oozing from your pores. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the next installment.

Love it. Amazing (word used often I noticed) the vision you have in making this happen.

Jaw. droppingly. gorgeous. You have amazing talent. That you can cross style lines and boundaries is evidence (in spades) of your ability. Gifted. Truly gifted. This is the epitome of modern chic. Most modern is too cold for me, this is perfection. Perfect for a Town and Country Mag spread! Do you still have those query letters I wrote????

I could see James Bond in here...hiding out after a wild ride through the French countryside (in a convertible sports car of course.) He'd be having a martini...shaken, not stirred.

You make everything wonderful......
By the way, your home in St.Zacharie is featured in a book called French Style by Cindy Smith Cooper

FANTASTIC! It couldn't be better. Love the curve to the floor with the iron edge.

So much more fabulous than I ever imagined. The interior finish now has a defined elegance.

Oh la la!!


The mirror in the bathroom is Genius, tantalizing me with a reflected view of the living room and making the bathroom look so large. So much to see in such a tiny space. I've been wondering how you would work with the upstairs open floor "drop off". Every detail is amazing. Your photography and description are book or magazine ready. Thank you for the fun.

The dark paintings look smashing! It all looks terrific. You must be thrilled. Rene is amazing!

OMG it is amazing, I love the gunmetal grey, one of my favourite interior colours at the moment, cannot wait to see more, this is utter perfection. Have a lovely weekend xx

Spectacular! Beautiful! Fabulous!

Corey, it is amazing & I have marveled at what you & yours have transformed am looking forward for the rest of the journey 📽

Well it is a love fest....love the light, love the stairs, love the paintings by Camille and love the colours and the retro/modern palette! Looking forward to the next instalment.....groovy!

You've turned a prospect into a home. Did it shrink? When we were there it was almost 646 square feet!

I won't use amazing but I will use WOW. 3 houses! Do you ever get confused like is that bowl I love in Paris or Cassis? I love your work, your vision. Wonder if Rene would like a TEXAS project? I propose a feature on HGTV from Cassis!

Superbe !!!

Just amazing!!! I see the "city" California girl emerging from you here, even though I think you are a country girl at heart!💕

The black accents are spectacular!

Gorgeous! !

The anticipation has been killing us! Thanks for revealing Cassia in tasty morsels. Love love love!! Brava!!!

The thing about interior design is that it may not be a persons personal asthetic in terms of style (speaking as a viewer) ......but the beauty of all the elements together is nonetheless outstanding. You have a real eye and although it was outside your usual style it all came together so beautifully!!! I am really anxious to see more......

Corey, I couldn't help but smile as I scrolled through the gorgeous unveiling photos. Can't wait for Part Teo!

Wow, wow, wow! Simply stunning. I am in love with the accent wall with the window - the dark gray is perfect. Will be anxiously awaiting Part Two!

What a fantastic interior you have imagined and created with your talented Rene and Joel crafting pieces that perfectly make the space beautiful and flowing from one area to the other. Taking a leap into a different concept has proven to be a total success, dear Corey. I await the rest of the reveal, fully knowing that I will be enchanted.


Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

My very first apt I decorated in "MCM" and had so much fun with it.

Love, love the hanging light - spectacular! And the history behind it. The most amazing part is how you created living space in such a small space. The architect is brilliant and the decorating is icing on the cake.

You've spread your magic once again! Would love to see it one day.

Stunning! Thank you for sharing. I enjoy seeing your success. Best wishes to you and your family

Wildly applauding the entire outcome. Must admit though that the thing that intrigued me the most was how you outlined the curved floor with metal edge. You are working with Master Craftsmen! And I am sure they enjoy your creativity too.

Hope to see you in Cassis!

Thank you Debbie, soon you will see first hand, with Eric too!

Hi Star! Thank you. How are you feeling?

I have been looking for those letters!!! When are you coming back? Doesn't it look different from the first time you saw it?!

s/e thanks for telling me about CIndy's book, I haven't seen it yet.

lol, me and numbers!!! I have since corrected my error. Remember when we had a drink in the dust and debris. Well this is how I saw it in my mind's eye.

Merci! lol, no I do not confuse bowls, objects and such, but I have woken up wondering what bed I am in. Rene Texas? Why not. Or why not HGTV come here?

Thank you, we really enjoy working together. It seems no idea I have is too hard or too wild to accomplish. I think Rene has golden hands.

Yes HTTV riveting project potential award winning for you both.
French Muse as well.

You stretched your wings and flew in a different direction instead of the path you know so well. Your home is airy, and clean...very modern. Well done Corey. Many years will be spent enjoying this beauty by the sea. Hugs

Perhaps a French version of FixerUpper should be on HGTV fall schedule. Your Cassis home looks fabulous!

So beautiful!

Wow! The place looks terrific, Corey. You both - and Rene! - did a great job with the interior design.

Bonjour, Corey,
Adore your sense of style and photographic sense of balance and just the right amount of mystery. Bravo!

WOW!!!! Love it, modern style and all!!!

Breathtaking....I hope we can get a glimpse in October or November. It's beyond what I imagined. Bravo!!!!!!


What a fabulous space. I love everything you did...the staircase...the art...You are such a talent...

Wow! Love it!

When I see this place, I always think about the day that Dave & I spent in Cassis with Yann. He walked up and down all the streets looking at all the buildings & telling us about your dream to have a place there. You have done it and it is amazing. No doubt, with your talent and great taste have made a masterpiece.

It is all simply stunning, Corey.

The style is perfect for the size and shape of the home. You are genius. Love it.

Just amazing - you are (both!) so creative!

C'est magnifique!

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