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06 April 2017


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I Know what you mean Corey; a beautiful and thoughtful gesture. XX

This is tender and wonderful; I feel equally moved and equally helpless.

What was wrapped in the fabric -- what did the pottery pieces form into? (And could you show us photos some other day?)

That is a wonderful idea Corey.

I have for years been knitting blankets, socks, hats, baby sweaters, washcloths to go to Syrian refugees in Jordan and in Greece (and now those in Greece are being sent back to Syria which must be just awful). I pray daily for justice and for peace.

Sitting here reading your post I said I hope she bought the pieces to save for them. I am so glad you did, I would have too. I keep trying to find a place in my home where I could put someone that needs a safe room to stay in. My house is small, but if someone came along and needed a place I would make the place.

My heart is broken by what is going on there. Now even more so with the one that calls himself the US leader doing atrocities of bombing. It just sickens me.


They are living a nightmare. I heard recently that half the population has fled, which means the other half are still living an even worse nightmare in the country.

wishing i was wrong when i predicted he would start a war..within 3 months.. has he thought 5 steps ahead.. war is not the answer..

sharing your love of countries and art and people.. i treasure it all.. praying for peace.. sending hugs out to the world..

your words are pure poetry as you express your shock.. sending much love..

This brought tears to my eyes. We all need to do our part and love our neighbors.

Thank you for your blog!

I'm so glad you bought the pieces. It is no small thing to care and imagine a way to help in the ways you can. I, too long to do something. I feel so so bad.

This time, Corey, you find me here in tears. Your finding, your accompanying words leave me in utter sadness. We did what you are contemplating. We have invited a Syrian family, the mother, 19 now, the same age as my own daughter. We have now been living together for almost two years. I have helped to make a newborn see the first light, I held her hand when her womb was opened. We have fully adopted this family and we are ever so happy to have been able to do so. Through their eyes we get in full touch with the war going on, with bombs exploding near their home in Syria, with Nourhan's father and mother having stayed behind as the money was just enough to enable her daughters to escape via the Mediterranean Sea... All those news we get first hand... we have never ever regretted this step, even more, we feel our mind and heart broadened and my family, helping friends, our surrounding feel this aid for people in need is the most humane and basic urge a person can feel. However, not everybody is able to help in such a way. If at least, refugees are not seen as enemies, terrorists, people who take a fun boat-trip over the Med to take our money, jobs, women, a lit has been gained already. So thank you, dear Corey, for these heartfelt words as you will certainly touch many other heart! Greets from Manu

It breaks my heart . . . .

Loved reading the great comments on this post. Beautifully, said Corey, and so moving. And Manuela you are so kind to take in a family.

I predicted the very same thing.
I am beyond sad.
People have been at war for 2000 years.
It has accomplished nothing.
"Do for others as you would have
them do for you."
Why is that such a difficult concept
for so many to understand.

Bev, I've given everyone I know one of my knit caps. I'd love to start sending them to people who really need them. Could you please give me information about where you give your items? Thanks.

Corey, thank you for your thoughtful comments. Now more than ever, we need to be mindful of others.

Of course! It's Salaam Cultural Museum in Seattle. Please let me know if you need more information than that.

Ohj, Corey, what a poignant story about the Syrian artifact. The intricate design is so beautiful! Yet, life is beautiful too and some material things have to be left behind. Sad!

Found Salaam online. Thanks!

Thank you for your love and opening your home and heart for no other reason but to love. I admire you xxx

I suppose siting with your thumbs up your ass for the last six years suffering from "analysis by paralysis" has been the answer in helping the Syrian people.

I am glad we finally stepped in because sometimes these war criminals need a little can of whoop ass opened up on them. Where would France, Poland, England be today if we didn't step up and stop Hitler.

Frankly if I was Syrian I would be grateful for any country that would spend it hard earned taxpayers money to help me regain mine. Sending refugees to all corners of the world isn't the answer. What a wonderful thing it would be to let the Syrian people go back to their own cities, streets, homes and traditions minus the fear.

There is much more that we can do, from donating to international humanitarian organizations working in Syria (see, for example, http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/country-region/syria), to pressing the leadership of our country to make it easier for refugees to enter our country, to helping, even hosting, refugees who have come, or come, to our country. Thank you for bringing up this critically-important subject, Corey, and Bravo, Manuela!!

Thank you for your selflessness

Both your words and the tray are beautiful! It looks like a Seder plate.

I am both appalled and saddened by the world's failure to intervene long before now, and in particular, the failure of the United States. The current regime contributing to the bombing but refusing entry to the refugees in utterly unacceptable.

At Shabbat last night, those killed in the gas attacks were included in the those we remembered as we said the Mourner's Kaddish.

Carol L, this was a totally unnecessary response and totally inappropriate to post on Corey's thread.

The needs of our world are so great, it leaves one feeling helpless. Beautiful post, Corey.

Too bad that Europe is being lost due to PC. I am sad that the continent of my ancestors is being destroyed. As far as "do unto others", it is a Judeo/Christian belief which we extend to each other for the most part in every day life. Unfortunately, this belief is not shared by another religion in your midst and their wish is to exterminate you and claim your country for themselves. A terrorist act somewhere in Europe is almost a daily occurrence now. How many more until you stand up for yourselves, your families and heritage?

Anna, as a Christian married to a pastor, I have to disagree with you that the Judeo/Christian belief extends for the most part in every day life. Too many self-professed Christians are the worst advertisement for Christianity. I don't believe Europe is being lost to PC; I believe most of Americans are being lost to incivility. After a recent extended time in France where my husband and I met not one uncivil French person, we lost count within minutes after disembarking at O'Hare of the uncivil Americans spewing their unhappiness on everyone they came in contact with. It was and is a sad state of affairs.

I feel like you, Corey. Why not do everything we can to help these people who are running for their lives?
For most of us, like me, we don't know what we CAN do.
The amount of anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim paranoia I hear -- both on TV and from some people I know -- is frightening and appalling. I am very disappointed in people.

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