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19 July 2017


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I loved following Chelsea on her journey. I was especially moved by the paragraph of hers you posted.
"Traveling challenges that, it challenges our “truth”.
What a better world we would live in if we could see the world from a different perspective.
You and Yann have raised a most wonderful daughter (and son)!

She's so wise for her years.

I read this on Chel's blog. She is an old soul that one. Wise. I think travel should be mandatory. Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) wrote:

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime."

Corey, you have really raised a beautiful daughter.
Please refresh my memory .... I don't recall reading the reason for Chelsea's trip to Bangladesh, i.e., did she just decide to go there on her own, or did she travel as part of a group going with a particular purpose in mind? In either event, it was obviously a very enlightening experience for her. 😍

I read Chelsea's blog and came to the conclusion she is a "citizen of the world". Not many people who travel see the depths of their travel experience. A friend of mine used to travel worldwide and after her trip to Greece, I asked how she felt seeing the Acropolis of Athens and she said, "once you have seen one ruin they all look the same". I was stunned! All that history and that was her impression.

Chelsea's eye's have been opened in a wonderful way. I only hope she doesn't become a nun or something. (kidding). You are right to be proud of her.

I've always loved that Mark Twain quote. Travel changes us for the better.

Our daughters are similar in their love for travel and their ability to reflect upon their experiences. Travel opens ones eyes in ways we don't see day to day. I enjoyed following her blog and on IG. You are right to be proud.

You have raised a wise daughter. I wish all our sons and daughters could travel. I have often said if I had the money I would start a non-profit organization to take poor teenagers traveling to other parts of the world with the hope of opening their eyes and hearts. Traveling has done that for me.

Chelsea, that was brilliant ! I admire you.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Bravo to Chelsea, for her work and her insight.

I think that it is important to emphasize that Chelsea was not "just" travelling; she spent three months in one of the most challenged countries in the world to work on an enterprise that, employing Bangladeshis, manufactures and distributes cups of yoghurt with nutritional supplements to children all over the country. Chelsea is one of my heroines, and I enjoyed reading and learning from each of her emails about her time in Bangladesh.

I have loved following Chelsea's travels! What a precious heart she has! We encouraged travel in our children and all three visited at least two countries prior to entering college. I always told them....you will learn more on this trip then in a semester in college! And they did. It is truly eye opening to see how others live and makes you appreciate the freedoms and the (taken for granted) comforts we enjoy here in the US. Thank you for sharing!

So meaningful and beautifully put - may I share on our Facebook Music and Markets page?

OTOH, in his "The Innocents Abroad," Twain was quite uncharitable to the Azoreans he encountered.

ERRATUM: Should read "...ABOUT the Azoreans..."

BRAVO! Didn't know about her blog but then I haven't been around the block regularly....
She is a wise old bird in a young body; or, as I used to say to my husband (long before he was my husband): He is an old child.... in some ways terribly wise beyond the years, in others 'helpless/hopeless/unfaced/unsuspecting/innocent' like a child.
Yes, you parents may be proud (although I don't like the word v much; you were rather good examples, taught them your values, etc).... :)

It was pure delight to read Chelsea's blog and follow her as she experienced life in a new culture. Her ability to be open and accepting of others with views and practices that differ from hers is a testament to the very kind, loving, world embracing parents who raised her with some of the best lessons one can teach. She is a beautiful woman through and through. What pure pleasure it must be for you and Yann and two grandmothers to see her life unfolding as a woman with a beautiful heart and kind, gentle spirit, and a strong voice for all people.
You posted one of my most favorite bits of her writing, thank you Corey. And oh so many thanks for opening the door to let me see and read about Chelsea's life.

Yes, if every person could travel to other countries and experience other cultures, there would not be the great fear of - The Other. Congratulations to Chelsea and the family that raised her.

What a lovely apple from your and Yann's tree.

What a beautiful and grateful spirit she is!

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