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30 August 2017


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Take photos before wedding. Eat at the wedding! That's a challenge because I agree with your advice, Corey, spending time with guests is so important.

However the plans develop, no matter the style or size of chocolate fountain ;-) their wedding will be a beautiful occasion, because of their love, and the love you all share. What a blessing.

My advice is to focus on the life after and not the day of.
It is charming and a sign of how well-bred they are that they are asking family what they would like to see.

Hire a wedding planner so you don't have to sweat the small stuff and can focus on enjoying just being there!

I love the idea of a croquembouche! The history behind it is so beautiful. My oldest daughter had a large one for her wedding in 2006 - and it was very difficult to find someone to make one here in Miami! We have beautiful pictures of the two of them kissing over the top of the tower of cream puffs!
My youngest daughter was married last year; my advice: don't let the magazines and the "experts" tell you what to do. Chelsea and Martin should agree on what they want, and stick to their wishes. The "wedding industry" in the US has gotten out of hand and couples end up spending way too much.

As others have written, focus on the marriage, not just the wedding!
God bless you!

Congratulations my dear ones. I am so thrilled for your daughter and all of you .

Blessings for happily ever afters always

Love Jeanne

As one who has married many couples, here are my two cents:
1)Get some pre-marital counseling. I know that every couple thinks that their marriage is going to be perfect, but a good counselor will pick up some areas that have been glossed over or need to be talked about prior to marriage.
2)Like Susan said, "Take pictures beforehand." Pictures can take so long and meanwhile, the guests wait and wait and wait.
3)Pay the priest or justice of the peace or whoever is performing the ceremony. Sometimes it is included in the price but often it isn't. You wouldn't believe how many couples just do not do this and it is really a nice thing for the person. Weddings are certainly extra work for clergy.
4)Most of all enjoy having everyone together. It is so rare these days for families to get together unless it's a funeral. Take time to relish everyone. Weddings are such a gift.

truly wonderful news.. watching her grow up.. your sharing chelsea's adventures.. to culminate in her engagement..and having the last drop of champagnes..in one of your recent posts..

am so happy for each and every one of you.. let the celebration continue.. you have raised a beautiful daughter..

sending hugs galore..

Congratulations to Chelsea and Martin! Wonderful news for all all of you. No advise. Marriage is hard work. So much anticipation and joy going into a life together. I guess I do have advice. Always remember the why of choosing this person and the joys of those early days as that is what gets me through the difficult moments all long term marriages face.

Just to explain:I have known bridal couples who missed out on the delicious food they carefully chose for wedding because of photos, minglinge, etc. Sad!

Heartiest congratulations to Chelsea and Martin.... and you all! I'm with Sacha -- bring on the fabulous deserts and champagne. I like both your advice an Yann's too. You have a wonderful family. I've been "visiting" your blog for years but rarely comment. But I do soooo appreciate the inspiration, love and beauty found here. Cheers!

So many good thoughts here already - I would echo what both you and Yann said, also previous comments regarding photos before and eating (we were warned of this and laughed it off; but we ended up ordering pizza delivery because we really didn't eat!). Seek help if you need it; don't let the details overwhelm and spoil the experience.

One more thought would be for them to make this wedding their own. While it is kind and generous to seek opinions from others, Chelsea and Martin will have their own ideas and they should be allowed to have this one day encompass what will be meaningful and memorable to them.

I can't deny that all this just makes me giddy. As you said, many of your readers have watched Chelsea and Sacha grow into adults and have seen peeks into Chelsea and Martin's growing relationship. I will enjoy reading whatever they allow you to share as the plans unfold.

A simple, heartfelt ceremony in a simple church. Or a beautiful spot. Followed by a big party.

Three decades ago I went to a wedding on the beach where everyone was barefoot, later a formal reception in the evening. There were heartfelt and funny speeches from family members, on both sides, welcoming the other family into theirs. It was very moving. All these years later I remember it and smile.

I wanna go old school on the cake: thick white wedding cake with buttercream frosting.

Congrats!!! How exciting!! ENJOY the planning!! If Chelsea and Martin are disagreeing on something, they need to move on and come back to the issue at another time. You'll find out that there are few things besides the person performing the wedding, the food, and the drinks that are really important. Corey and Jann-- you don't get to disagree. You say,"Okay!"

Congratulations to the entire family!!!! I just read the news! Yea!!!!
I had a feeling you were about to tell us this..you were hinting you know.
I am very happy for the handsome and beautiful couple and their parents, siblings and extended families.
They both sound like wonderful, smart and mature adults.
Happy wedding planning!

I do believe you have the desire and wants under control. Just tell them to savor and treasure every moment and every person. Laugh and be Happy!

No wedding planner needed! Corey with your eye for detail, creative flair, good taste and brilliant contacts I know that you and Chelsea (with some help from Yann, Mr E, family and friends) will put together a wonderful day to remember always and be proud of.

Love special family traditions included, a little nod to Annie who will be with you in spirit and.....a few disposable (print film) cameras for guests to pick up and take photos. Always fun to have film developed after the wedding and see candid photos of everyone enjoying themselves. I'd also love it if Sacha would be the videographer. You must of course share photos and film with all of us. XX

Croquembouche -- an inspired notion!

Guess I don't need to suggest that the reception serve some vegetarian dishes, right?

I've read that champagne loses some of its bubbliness when it cascades down -- quelle horreur! -- so the couple might wish to reconsider that idea.

My nephew and his fiance had a small wedding and it was really fun. It was in a garden with a fabulous three course dinner. It was small enough for everyone to be seated at three long tables. They had to pare the guest list down to just close family and friends which was hard, but it meant that they got to interact and celebrate with those they really cared about. Sometimes wedding guest lists get far too long.

"...breathing life into something yet to be. " Such a gorgeous turn of phrase, Corey.

Your divine heart is why I consider it a privilege to follow your blog.

Sharing values and interests can be an enormous help in young marriages. It helps to see important things they same way and to do some things together so you can talk at length about them.

But the biggest help I have found is to be so in awe and admiration of your mate that you wouldn't feel any differently about them if they were the most important person on earth. That, coupled with the ability to make a serious situation funny, can insure a long, fulfilling, blissful life together.

I wish that for Chelsea and Martin.

oh, I am so happy to read your post! So sorry to have missed yesterday (this week is back to work for teacher's and it has been exhausting!). I kinda thought this from your post the day before.
Yes, Corey, so true about the length of your blog . . . I do speak of my friend in France (YOU!) even though we have only emailed and I have followed your blog since way before my 50th birthday! Long ago!! Such a friend and confidant you have been with your words of love, kindness, and encouragement!
Now, our sweet children are onto the next stage of their lives. I am over the moon happy for Chelsea and Martin! All my best . . . I know the wedding will be absolutely wonderful!
Enjoy every single second! xoxo

Music, of course! At the service, at the reception, beautiful music. But mostly...I would say keep it simple, and do not sweat the tiny details. And yes...I feel like you are a friend I have not met in person...yet. I could not be more delighted, and will love following along as you enjoy planning this wonderful occasion!

Chap and Anna Blair took the time the day after the wedding to personally speak to each person who stayed at the wedding hotel as guests came downstairs for breakfast. These conversations lasted well into the morning. I didn't know about this until I came down to check out around noon (late check out for sleepyheads like me). I still didn't know the kids had done this until several days later when I received a phone call from a friend who attended the wedding. She and her husband thought it to be one of the most gracious things they had ever seen at a wedding especially the 'day after' the wedding night. How special that was for me to hear! This is my suggestion for the newly engaged couple. R

Where are Chelsea and Martin to be married? Will they follow the French custom of a civil wedding at the Town Hall and then a spiritual ceremony in a church or someplace else special to the couple? My son married a Frenchman last Christmas and just after Valentine's Day. The civil ceremony took place before a judge in a courtroom in our son's hometown, at noon 2 days before Christmas, with my husband and me as witnesses. It was followed by a lovely wedding lunch for all. The spiritual ceremony took place on a beach on an island just off the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico (the grooms' special place), to which their closest friends and family members journeyed for the ceremony and several days of celebratory feasting and playing together. There may be a civil ceremony in France in the future, at a Town Hall where the French groom's cousin will officiate. My husband and I also separated our civil-legal ceremony from our church wedding, for a reason I won't go into. As it turned out, for us, separation of the spiritual and the legal aspects of our wedding felt right then and has continued to feel right. And we get to celebrate two anniversaries every year (we're now halfway to year 43!). Choosing to marry in that way, and the persons we chose to officiate at each wedding, were the most important decisions we made regarding marrying (once we decided to marry).

Congratulations to everyone, but especially to Chelsea and
Martin! My words of wisdom for their wedding? It's not about how much money you spend, but about the memories you make that day. Enjoy!

So happy for you. With your talent and love for your family, it will be beautiful.
You posters pics years ago of your nice , I think, getting married in the snow. That was stunning. I'm sure t Provance version will be too.

Congratulations to Chelsea and Martin and your family. What a precious time for you!
My advice to the bride and groom: Because the day will go by so quickly (at least it did for me) at some point in the day, take a few minutes, just the two of you to get quiet, find a spot away from all your guests, put your arms around each other and take a good look at your celebration and the friends and family that are there to honor you. Try to truly capture the moment. Blessings!

This is such wonderful news, Corey. Many congratulations to Chelsea and Martin. Having been reading your blog since 2006, I also feel like you are extended family and that I've seen Chelsea grow up over the years.
My advice would be to keep it small and only invite people who are really a part of your lives, so that you can enjoy talking to everyone on the day, without it feeling like a duty round of polite platitudes.
Then have really good food, whether picnic or formal style. That's what we remember about ours - the best fillet cooked on the braai in an orchard, with home-made food brought by various friends and loads of puddings. I don't think we even had a cake.
Make sure that the formal photos are kept to a minimum and have lots of casual un-posed shots just of the day as it unfolds, so that you don't spend the entire day posing for the camera. Then just relax and enjoy the day.

Thinking about the special event ahead this morning I am remembering photos you shared of a wedding you planned for a couple some years back....pulling together just what was meaningful to them and their families. That is what Chelsea and Martin will be doing, I am certain. How many folks to be there, what shape the celebration will have...those pieces will all come together to reflect another beautiful event in the life of your families....and my only desire is that all of the specialness of the day be just what you all want and need. And, of course, that your blog family will be seeing photos of all the fabulous celebration that will shine on Chelsea and Martin. What a time of great joy to fill you life as Sacha is away in Seattle pursuing his dreams..

WOW< we share SO MUCH IN COMMON and NOW this as MY OLDER SON is engaged TOO!!!!!!!

No matter what type or place the wedding takes place, it will be so special.... because of the people involved. We had a Crocquembouche for our wedding cake also. A friend made it for us as a wedding present. She had brought candied violets to place on the top from France.
I'm really excited to be able to hear of the plans as they unfold.

Thanks for taking us all along on the journey.


Congratulations to the whole family. How exciting. We've been dabbling in some wedding planning for my daughter, so all of my thoughts about weddings are clear. The one thing I wish I'd invested in was a good photographer. We had a family friend do the pictures.
The other thing I plan to have for my daughter's wedding, is a good DJ so that everyone dances all night. Family, friends, music and love. The ingredients for a beautiful wedding.

Oh fun, fun, fun...planning a wedding. How great to have a Crocquembouche. There are only 2 places here in Houston that make it. You have to order way in advance & it's very expensive. I tried to order one last Christmas but was too late. Maybe this year? It is very hard to make and labor intensive. I picture all antique glasses and china, mixed patterns, beautiful laces & flowers. Please keep us posted with details.
BTW I don't know if you heard of the hurricane we just had here but it has caused catastrophic flooding citywide. Several of my friends homes were flooded. I'm so thankful to God that my neighborhood and house was spared.

Oops- somehow I put my comment on today's post In tomorrow's comments.

Remember that it is a party and will be fun. Things may not go according to plan, details may not be perfect but in the end what you will remember is that you had your family and friends together enjoying and celebrating this new chapter of your lives.

Lovely - a perfect piece of advice

Oh my, I've been away from your blog for a while now and am glad that I got to come back today before this news was too old. Congrats so much to Mr Martin-Espresso and Chelsea, and to you too!

My advise for any wedding: make it exactly what THE COUPLE wants and loves, so that at every single wedding they ever attend after theirs, they hold hands, smile into each other's eyes, and agree that while the wedding they're attending is nice, THEIRS was the very best and they're glad they did it the way they did.

WHATEVER that looks like for them.

xox and much love.

And where will it be? How many of the Willows crew will get to come? Oh my oh my so many details to sort out all right!!! It will be loads of fun to get to look over your shoulder as planning proceeds. We will all dance a jig (although not in piggy costume, probably) in their honor.

So happy for you and the whole family! My son got married just a year ago. My only suggestion is to not plan too many activities. Wedding and photos;, reception: eat, toasts and dancing so you have time to mingle and dance with all your friends. You can always sit and chat if you have any time left over - ha!! Our older son had so many activities planned for their reception, they rushed to do everything and ran out of time :(

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